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Mountain Mike’s Pizza Plans to Reach the Upper Crust

The newly minted CEO isn’t oblivious to Mountain Mike’s challenges in its crowded sector. For example, Metevier knows he needs to be sensitive to labor costs now that his California-based chain must deal with that state’s recent implementation of a $20 minimum wage (85% of the chains locations are based within the Golden State.)

Debate Surrounding California’s Food Additive Ban Heats Up

Debate surrounding California’s impending food additive ban is heating up as state-level copycat proposals rise across the U.S. Last month, the National Confectioners Association spoke out against the ban, calling it “an emotionally-driven campaign that lacks scientific backing.”

California Wage Law: The Dominos Are Poised to Fall

QSR jobs will be in high demand once the law passes as workers try to reduce their dining expenses in lieu of high food costs and an inflationary environment. More importantly, however, California just bolstered the prospects of hundreds of thousands of current and (more importantly) future fast-food workers.

Free-Range Eggs to Return Soon

Free-range eggs returned to store shelves in the U.K., a sign that the bird flu outbreak has abated enough for the government to reduce the risk level to medium.

Hurricane Ian Takes Toll on Florida Agriculture

Florida’s citrus industry appears to have borne the brunt of Hurricane Ian. Reports from the region indicate that the damage could potentially be worse than after Hurricane Irma, which cut Florida citrus production by a …

Dissecting the FAST Recovery Act

California’s recently passed FAST Recovery Act is causing waves in the industry, but what will the real impacts be?

Breaking Down Calif.’s Controversial FAST Act Bill

California’s FAST Recovery Act – the first bill of its kind to take on the fast-food industry – could prove a boon for workers and labor unions but a burden to the mom-and-pop restaurants that …

No End in Sight for California Drought

Though drought conditions have improved in the Pacific Northwest and areas of the Midwest, parts of California and the Southwest have seen no relief from dry weather.

UPDATE: Historic Drought Taking Toll on Western Farmers

The historic drought in the U.S. West is hitting California’s top agricultural export especially hard. The state’s $6 billion almond industry produces approximately 80% of the world’s almonds, but more and more growers are expected …

Wild, Wild West: Why Water Theft is Now Rampant in California

As an unrelenting drought torments California’s farmers, many of them are now dealing with an additional concern: water theft. With water increasingly scarce in California in recent months, thieves have stolen several millions of gallons …


Avocado Volumes on the Rise While Prices Decline

While Americans are paying more for everything from lumber to computer parts, and with most of the food industry contending with price increases, one surprising exception can be found: avocados. While often considered one of …

Worsening Drought Envelopes Much of Western U.S.

Dangerous heat waves in much of the western U.S. could soon break all-time temperature records. And, those temperatures are worsening drought conditions that were already plenty worrisome. The latest drought monitor released June 10 categorizes a …

Drought Update: West Coast, Midwest Water Supplies Dwindle

Editor’s Note: This is an update to The Food Institute’s April article “Is the U.S. Facing a Megadrought?” Central Valley Farmers to Get No Allocation Farmers in California’s Central Valley Project will get none of …

California School District Shifts to Serve 100% Organic Meals

Non-profit organization Conscious Kitchen recently shifted an entire California school district’s food supply chain to 100% organic. The West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) and Conscious Kitchen provided their first 100% USDA-certified organic weekly …

California Wildfires Ruin Wine, Grapes

California wildfires mean Napa area wine producers are losing stored wine and warehouses, reported The New York Times (Oct. 5). Damage to vineyards has been less severe in the fires in the last weekend of …