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$1.99 Sonic Boom Shakes Up Value Meal Wars

The so-called fast-food “value wars” are ramping up. First McDonald’s and Taco Bell tried to undercut each other; now Sonic’s $1.99 meal has taken things to another level.

C-Stores Draw Market Share From Grocery, Retail

Casey’s and Maverik are highlighting breakfast while Buc-ee’s and Rutter’s are leveraging increased square footage and store footprints to drive sales and steal market share away from grocers and retailers.

Webinar: The Future of Food Retail

In 2024, the food retail industry will face a new set of opportunities and challenges unlike those in previous years. From the impact of inflation, shifts in shopper behavior, increased technological disruption, and competition from ...

Can Ghost Kitchens Be Resurrected?

Has the would-be darling of the pandemic-era – ghost kitchens – been resurrected by a partnership between Denny’s and Franklin Junction?

Small But Powerful: Retailers Turning to Smaller Formats

When it comes to the food industry, Kohen said food and restaurant retailers can take advantage of smaller formats in neighborhoods and lifestyle centers, providing a dining experience to the shopping journey.

Eatertainment is Winning the Dining Game

Eatertainment is the crossroads where dining meets entertainment, from arcade havens to upscale dining experiences. Find out why Eatertainment venues are outshining casual dining, even amid the economic challenges of 2023. Hear from experts like …

5 Retail Trends to Watch in the New Year

As the calendar turns toward a new year, many consumers continue to watch their budgets closely. And that factor is shaping retail strategies for 2024. “The average American family has eaten into the savings it …

The Early Bird Dinner Trend Is Sweeping the Nation

Consumers across the country are going out to dinner more often—and much earlier—than they were before the pandemic. Turns out, being an early bird isn’t all that special anymore. “Our data indicates that fine-dining customers …

How the Pandemic Reshaped Restaurant Real Estate

There has been a sizable population shift to America’s Sun Belt as well as its suburbs and rural areas in recent years. That fact has reshaped the nation’s commercial real estate, experts say.

Spice It Up: Burritos and Hot Chicken Are on Fire

Restaurant chains specializing in spicy offerings are gathering steam in 2023. Case in point: Dave’s Hot Chicken, which grew from two locations to 118 over the past few years, saw May 2023 visits increase 126.6% …

Prime Day Deals Could Spur Retail Revival

Amazon’s two-day Prime Day event starts July 11, and retailers are hoping it lifts the restraint consumers have been exhibiting since the beginning of the year. Call it Christmas in July. The annual sales orgy …

Analysis: Why Coffee Remains Inflation-proof

Inflation is causing consumers to rethink spending in numerous ways. Coffee, however, is one category that remains untouchable. Coffee, after all, is an affordable luxury. “Despite cutting down on dining out or travel, you can …

3 Trends Reshaping Grocery

New research from analytics firm Placer.ai noted the steps that successful grocery chains are taking in 2023 to outpace the competition amid inflation.

Shrimp: The New Seafood Value Proposition

When it comes to seafood, shrimp is, well, no shrimp. While other seafood prices have been on the upswing since the pandemic era, shrimp prices have remained affordable and stable, providing value opportunities for savvy …

Dollar Stores Are Becoming Problem for Grocers

Shoppers flock to dollar stores, attracted by their low prices and convenience, but opponents say they harm a community more than help by taking sales from traditional grocery stores. In some cases, they can lead …


The Future of Food Retail (2023)

 Despite numerous headwinds, the food retail industry continues to evolve rapidly. The specter of a recession and geopolitical unrest are impacting retailers and consumers alike. As consumers trade down amid historically-persistent inflation, retailers have ...

The Inflationary Consumer: Fewer Trips but Bigger Carts

Consumers’ grocery shopping habits are changing as they grapple with inflation, leading to fewer trips but spending more during each visit. Between November 2022 and January 2023, average basket size rose 6% while number of …

Placer.ai Exec: How Grocers Must Evolve in 2023

The grocery space has been upended over the past three years and leaders must face new challenges with patience, according to Placer.ai’s Retail Trends Forecast 2023 report.

4 Tips for Foodservice Operators Post-Pandemic

Foodservice operators have faced numerous obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic, not the least of which is an unrelenting labor shortage. “I went to a local restaurant recently,” Patrick O’Reilly, principal at Marcum LLP said. “There …

The Restaurant of the Future

The restaurant industry has seen its share of structural shocks in the past two years, with the pandemic affecting sales in 2020 and supply chain constraints affecting operators in 2021. In 2022, the industry has ...

The Future of Food Retail

In this post-pandemic era, the food retail industry has changed dramatically. Inflation is at a 40-year high, customer loyalty is harder to earn and maintain, and margins are razor-thin as retailers battle increasing cost pressures. ...