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Grass-Fed Beef Challenging Meat Alternatives

Growing support for products like grass-fed beef is creating new challenges for the meat alternative market, which continues to struggle with adoption and repeat purchases among its primary consumer base – flexitarians.

Plant-Based Meat: What’s in Store for 2024?

Plant-based meat continues to recalibrate at retail. In this Q&A, Chris DuBois, EVP and Protein Practice Leader at Circana, spoke with FI to outline major category challenges and priorities in the months ahead.

Who’s Buying Alt-Meat? Unpacking Consumer Motivations

When it comes to consumers, the alt-meat category has more than its fair share of challenges — and supporters. Who’s buying meat alternatives today and why? Here’s the latest stats from Brightfield Group’s quarterly shopper survey.

Mimicking Meat Not Winning Strategy for Fast-Food

Plant-based fast-food restaurants that try to mimic the McDonalds’ and Burger Kings of the world may be missing the point that true vegetarians and vegans have little interest in meat-like offerings.

Alt Meat No Longer Sizzles While Plants & Fungi Grow

A recent confluence of headlines reporting a shift in sales and venture-backed capitalism indicate a change in consumer mindsets surrounding alt meat products and their pseudo-competitors – particularly seafood, fungi, and the versatile mushroom.

5 Plant-Forward Alt-Meat Innovations

Innovators are shaking up the alt-meat category with plant-forward creations that contain more whole foods and less processed ingredients. Here are five companies to watch.

5 Healthy Alt-Meat Products

The Food Institute spoke with two dietitians to outline some of the healthiest alt-meat products available today and break down best practices for reading nutrition labels.

Survey: Boosting Alt-Meat Adoption

A new survey by Sweet Earth explores the decline in alt-meat adoption to source potential solutions to reignite consumer interest.

Solving Taste Challenges with Flavor Modulation

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. Taste is what drives consumers to purchase their favorite foods and beverages. However, great taste isn’t always easy to achieve. In fact, categories like plant-based meat and dairy …

Demand Growing for Clean Label Meat Alternatives

As a broader variety of plant-based protein alternatives enter the market, health-conscious flexitarians are turning a more critical eye towards ingredients and production methods. In 2021, consumer interest in clean label grew by 86% within …

Plant-Based Alternatives Push Further into Fast-Food

Plant-based offerings continue to expand across restaurant menus, as major players like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat broaden their partnerships with fast-food chains. McDonald’s recently announced plans for a major U.S. expansion of its plant-based …

Plant-Based Meat Deceleration Signals Niche Future

Plant-based meat sales in restaurants and retail are beginning to plateau following a meteoric rise throughout the pandemic period, while traditional meat engagement remains strong. Data and supporting analyst insights from IRI suggest that this …