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Fast-Food Chains’ ‘Wrap Battle’ Has Commenced

A wrap battle is booming in the QSR arena. By remixing preexisting ingredients with build-your-own appeal, major players are producing flavor-drenched “hunger hacks” and fresh affordable snacks that span dayparts.

Mochiko: First Mochi-Crust Pizza

There’s a new variable in the $45.1 billion pizzaverse: an Asian-influenced variety that utilizes a mochi pizza crust.

American Restaurant Chains Thriving in India

While 40% of India’s residents are vegetarian, there’s still a large addressable market open to omnivore cuisine. Plus, much of the country is infatuated with western culture – a fact QSRs are taking note of.

Fast Food Tech Evolves

The biggest names in global fast food are adjusting to the new market realities by innovating with cutting-edge technology.

Smart-Voice Technology: Coming Soon, to a Drive-Thru Near You

In a world of fast-changing consumer demands, the classic fast-food drive-thru window is evolving. From doubling lanes to fully digital menu boards, restaurants have made all kinds of improvements to the drive-thru service. With technology …

QSRs Lamenting ‘Line Balk’ Trend

Much like remote working and zoom conferencing, long waits at the drive-thru line are a pandemic vestige that just won’t go away. And that’s causing line balk among consumers. As COVID-19 took hold in the …

Will Plant-Based Chicken be the Next Big Menu Item?

Editor’s note: The Food Institute has a new Plant-Based Insider newsletter, coming in February! To sign up, click here.  Plant-based chicken is taking center stage in 2022. KFC is the latest chain to introduce a …

UPDATE: QSRs Rethinking Value Meals as Costs Rise

Fast-food chains, such as McDonald’s and KFC, appear to be cutting discounts and pushing more expensive meals post-pandemic. QSRs are cutting back on $5-and-under “value” menu items in favor of $10-$30 meal combinations in order …

FI Investigates: AUTOMATic Innovation in Foodservice

In its latest investigative video, The Food Institute visits a unique New York City restaurant with a “back-to-the-future” business model. The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is revolutionizing a beloved relic of the past – the automat …

FI Investigates: A High Stakes Game of Chicken

You may have noticed nearly every QSR chain in existence is releasing new, premium chicken sandwiches lately. The Food Institute recently examined these ultra-competitive “chicken sandwich wars” in an in-depth investigative video, featuring interviews with …