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FI Spotlight: Best Practices For Omnichannel Strategy

Join us on this episode of FI Spotlight as we delve into the best practices of omnichannel strategy with special guest John Carroll, President of Digital Commerce + Advanced Analytics at Acosta Group. Discover top-line ...

Food & Beverage Industry M&A: What to Expect in 2024

This webinar, hosted by The Food Institute, will look at the major M&A trends in the food and beverage industry in 2024, featuring a presentation by John Siegler of BMO Capital Markets followed by a ...

Exploring Innovation and Values in the CPG Sector

When it comes to CPG's, consumers want nothing short of excellence. Integrity, transparency, quality - these are not just buzzwords, but essential attributes on the road to brand success. But how does a company achieve ...

FI Spotlight: Keychain – Empowering CPG Entrepreneurs

Join host Susan Choi on this episode of FI Spotlight and delve into the world of CPG manufacturing solutions with special guest, Oisin Hanrahan, CEO, and co-founder of Keychain. Discover how Keychain, the world's largest ...

Fueling the Future: Functional Foods Gain Momentum

There’s a growing feeling among many consumers that what we put into our bodies can perhaps solve myriad health issues. That presents a major opportunity for CPG brands regarding functional food products. 

Food Institute Retains Pat Mulhern as Advisor

Mulhern will help FI continue to build its relationships in the foodservice operator, distribution, and food manufacturing communities. Mulhern is excited to collaborate and help the media outlet bring more original content, industry insights, industry personalities and leaders to its growing, multimedia platform.

What’s on the Horizon for CPG Companies in 2024?

In 2023, we also saw a growing trend among consumers to adapt their buying habits to save money by trading down and prioritizing cost savings over quality, with 66% of consumers seeking out less expensive goods in 2023.

CPGs Need Fresh Strategies Beyond Price Increases in 2024

“Tomorrow’s winners will vary how they generate demand across their portfolios, with mass activation for their biggest brands and more targeted treatment for niche and insurgent brands,” Kyle Weza, global co-lead and brand accelerator for Bain & Company, said in the report.

Consumers Award Better-for-You in New Product Survey

Despite some titans of the pantry and cookie jar winning in their categories (Keebler’s Chips Deluxe Fudgy in the Cookie category; Dr. Pepper Strawberries & Cream in Soft Drink), better-for-you offerings not only abounded but won several snacking categories.


Unilever is a Cautionary Tale for U.S. Food Companies

On July 1, Hein Schumacher took over as chief executive officer of Unilever. His appointment followed a long search that brought him into the company from Dutch dairy co-op Royal FrieslandCampina, and his immediate mandate …

So You Want to Start a CPG Company

“It’s not KETO, it’s not gluten-free, it’s not upcycled grain or something super narrow – it’s a business at the end of the day that needs to make money,” he said, “and if it’s good enough for Erewhon, it should be good enough for many people.”

Get Real! How to Achieve Authenticity & ‘Rizz’ in FoodBev

And that’s OK. In many ways, being authentic isn’t about the best product or service or value or lifestyle; it’s about being human, which is being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the heartbeat of authenticity, the subtle brand drumbeat that brand advocates and consumers can hear. Without a heartbeat – without being occasionally vulnerable – it will be hard to resonate and grow the brand in a way that feels organic, fresh, and authentic.

CEOs’ Secrets to Success in the New Year

“Remember that running a food and beverage business can sometimes be akin to ‘buying yourself a job;’ it may not always guarantee immediate or substantial returns on investment.”

Cocina Sabrosa Trade Expo Live – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cocina Sabrosa Food & Beverage Trade Show in Dallas, Texas! Cocina Sabrosa's livestream coverage of their very first trade show in the U.S. was brought to you by The ...

Cocina Sabrosa Trade Expo Live – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Cocina Sabrosa Food & Beverage Trade Show in Dallas, Texas! Cocina Sabrosa's livestream coverage of their very first trade show in the U.S. was brought to you by The ...