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March 12 Event to Feature Women Innovators in CPG and Launch of a Professional Network During Expo West and Women’s History Month

February 12, 2024 – Next month on March 12, a group of like-minded professionals in the consumer products and wellness space are hosting an event to launch The Well, a new professional network, and will feature women innovators to coincide with Women’s History Month and the Natural Products Expo West in Southern California.

“We are so honored to highlight the work of women innovators in the CPG space during this special month recognizing women, including Rachel Larsen and Ozlem Akturk, the creators of The Tiny Chef Show on Nickelodeon,” said Nira Paliwoda, co-founder of The Well and founder of US Veg Corp and Two Shes Productions, who has produced food festivals in New York, California, and Arizona for over a decade. “The Tiny Chef and his friends share their message of kindness through cooking and joyful activities which have garnered them several awards, including a recent Emmy! With over two million Instagram fans @thetinychefshow and seven million across all digital platforms, the Tiny Chef has been instrumental in elevating CPG brands through unique collaborations. Such collaborations are an example of something The Well strives to foster amongst its members.”

Brian Choi, CEO of The Food Institute and among the co-founders of The Well added, “We are excited to launch The Well at this event, which focuses on Nurturing the CPG Lifecycle. We think the timing of the event at Expo West is an ideal time to build community and support women and other founders of companies that have a strong product-market fit and are on a growth trajectory, and could use support on distribution, investment, marketing and consumer insights.”

The event will also honor Joy Stoddard, formerly the Director of Development and Outreach at Whole Planet Foundation, a Whole Foods Market non-profit dedicated to poverty alleviation through microcredit loans around the world where the company sources products.  She has spent more than twenty years at Whole Foods Market where her tireless efforts helped empower women entrepreneurs globally.  “Being of service is the ultimate experience, so I am grateful to be part of this event celebrating Women’s History Month and the launch of The Well that aims to serve so many with improved health and opportunities to flourish.”

The March 12 event is supported by brand partners led by women and other founders including Andalou, Mineral Fusion, Travel Eeze, Vertage Foods and other companies.

Event producer and co-founder of The Well, Mark Nguyen of Planet LA Records added, “We love bringing together people, products and platforms that add collective value in this rapidly growing industry focused on healthier living and environments. The Well will evolve into a membership organization that offers unique programs and specialized services to support innovative companies in the consumer industry.”

The event will be held at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, which is near the Anaheim Convention Center where the Natural Products Expo West show is being held March 12-16.

For more information about the event or information about attendance, please visit the registration link. 

For partnership opportunities, please contact: Nira: nira@two-shes.com or Mark: mark@planetlarecords.com.

About The Well

The Well is a membership-based organization committed to empowering the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and wellness community.  Our mission is to engage with CPG and wellness companies to enhance the growth stages of their brand lifecycle, leveraging our network of members to connect them with the resources necessary for their business advancement.

Co-founders of The Well include professionals at Blossom.it, Cream of the Crop, The Food Institute, Force Brands, Happy Wellness Consulting, Planet LA Records, Poe Law PLLC, Roadmap Advisors, Narwhal Network, SMC Consulting, Two Shes Productions, US Veg Corp, Vierra Ventures, Vertage Foods and other companies.

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