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May 16 Event Celebrates “Food, Fashion & Finance” Innovators at BOSS Flagship in New York

New York City, April 29, 2024/FINewswire/ – Next month on May 16, The Well, a professional membership network will hold an event on “Food, Fashion & Finance” at the BOSS flagship location in New York City featuring speakers and partners in these leading industries. 

“We look forward to featuring the food, fashion and finance industries that make New York City a thriving global hub,” said Brian Choi, a founding member of The Well and CEO of The Food Institute.  “This is the second event we are hosting as we share thoughtful programming with unique partners like Hugo Boss, ALOHA, Cipriani Foods (De Medici Imports) and the investment community.”  

Stephan Born, CEO and President for the Americas of Hugo Boss Fashions, Inc. stated: “We’re excited to welcome The Well network and friends to our flagship New York store to coincide with the Spring Summer campaign.  These entrepreneurs, investors and advisors supporting innovators represent what it means to be a BOSS as they inspire those on their journey. This means they need to adapt to new circumstances and an ever-changing environment to be changemakers in their field.”  

James Arndt, General Manager at the Hugo Boss flagship store in NYC further commented: “Our store in Columbus Circle has recently won an award on our partnerships and collaborations with other companies and brands. This event on May 16 with The Well and The Food Institute is a perfect example of the innovative approach we’ve taken to strengthen the Hugo Boss brand across industries like food and beverage.” 

Featured panelists include food and beverage entrepreneurs like Brad Charron, Chairman and CEO of ALOHA, an award-winning B Corporation and Climate Neutral Certified plant-based protein brand.  “The timing of this event is ideal to highlight our recent $68 million investment from SEMCAP Food & Nutrition, a growth equity investment firm focused on identifying and helping build the purpose-driven food and nutrition brands of the future, which completely aligns with our mission to make simple, nutritious food accessible to everyone, while using our business as a force for good. We look forward to sharing our brand’s journey and these key partnerships with the investment community.Charron said.  Prior to ALOHA, Charron held senior roles at Chobani, Under Armour, Lucky Brand and other companies. 

In addition, the panel will also feature prominent investors from family offices and venture capital firms, including Josh Gellert, President of Camerican International (a Gellert Global Group company), Eric Kroll of Vibrant Ventures and others. 

“We are pleased to be a partner to innovative founders who are reimagining how we eat and get well,” said Eric Kroll, Partner at Vibrant Ventures which invests in companies that are part of the food-as-medicine revolution.  Kroll is also affiliated with MBM Capital, Millenia Capital and Indicator Ventures.

The event will also feature products from brand partners including Cipriani Foods (De Medici Imports), ALOHA, Ito En, Maivino, Petit Pot, Talkhouse Encore, UrbanStems, Vertage Foods and GLASS (“a gamification and rewards platform for CPG brands”).  Additional panelists and partners will be announced shortly. 

For more information about the event or to attend, please visit the registration link 

For partnership opportunities, please contact: Nira: nira@two-shes.com, Mark: mark@planetlarecords.com, and Brian: brian.choi@foodinstitute.com. 

About The Well

The Well is a membership-based organization committed to empowering the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and wellness community.  Our mission is to engage with CPG and wellness companies to enhance the growth stages of their brand lifecycle, leveraging our network of members to connect them with the resources necessary for their business advancement.

Co-founders of The Well include professionals at Blossom.it, Cream of the Crop, The Food Institute, Force Brands, Happy Wellness Consulting, Planet LA Records, Poe Law PLLC, Roadmap Advisors, Narwhal Network, SMC Consulting, Two Shes Productions, US Veg Corp, Vierra Ventures, Vertage Foods and other companies.

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