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Candy Crush: Confectionery Producing Record Sales  

“Consumers seek out chocolate and candy to help enhance holiday seasons, family celebrations, and those important ‘treat yourself’ moments,” said John Downs, president and CEO of the National Confectioners Association, in a statement.

Chocolate Purchases Dip Despite Candy Viewed as Energy Boost

A new report from Mintel suggests one-third of Americans rationalize purchasing chocolate as an energy boost. Meanwhile, new research suggests a direct connection between dark chocolate and reducing factors that contribute to essential hypertension.

The Consumer ‘Feels’ Behind the High-flying Feastables Brand

Let’s take a look at the consumer perceptions driving disruptive brands, like Feastables chocolate from MrBeast. Manufacturers are feeling pressure on both price and experience: Food and beverage manufacturers are feeling pressure from both store …

How to Win in the 2023 Snacking Universe

“Snacking is still a lifestyle in the U.S., fueled by the younger generation,” Wyatt began. “We’re in an unprecedented situation as price hikes in this category are outpacing other food/bev categories.”

Can Indulgent Treats Improve Health and Wellness?

The pandemic era strengthened food and beverage trends like health, wellness and nostalgic indulgence. While contradictory at first glance, these behaviors are finding alignment as consumers redefine what constitutes “healthy” behavior. Health and wellness are …

Is MrBeast Changing the Game in Food Marketing?

YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson – better known as MrBeast – is getting back into the food space with a better-for-you snack brand. Following the success of his virtual restaurant brand, MrBeast Burger, Donaldson is introducing …

Analysis: What’s Influencing Increased Candy Sales this Year

It appears many consumers have a sweet tooth ahead of Halloween 2021. The pre-Halloween candy buying period is drawing more consumers this year than ever before, according to Numerator’s Candy Tracker. Omnichannel seasonal candy sales …

Report: Vegan Chocolate Increasingly Popular

The global chocolate confectionery market is anticipated to reach $154.5 billion (USD) by 2025. Its growth has been aided by the pandemic, during which consumers have often turned to comforting, indulgent foods, like milk chocolate …

The Newest Plant-Based Innovation: A Vegan KitKat

Next Valentine’s Day, plant-based consumers will have even more chocolate options, thanks to Nestle’s latest development: a vegan KitKat. NESTLE TAKES PLANT-BASED CHOCOLATE MAINSTREAM A plant-based candy bar, called KitKat V, will be Nestle’s first …

Consumers Turn to Sweets During Pandemic

Sales of chocolate and candy increased during the pandemic as consumers look for products to boost their mood and lighten perspectives, according to data from the National Confectioners Association (NCA). Overall sales of chocolate and …