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Free-Range Eggs to Return Soon

Free-range eggs returned to store shelves in the U.K., a sign that the bird flu outbreak has abated enough for the government to reduce the risk level to medium.

Diesel Shortage Chokes Transportation from the Farm Gate

The well-documented diesel shortage in America is understandably causing concern across the country. But to what extent is the shortage cause for alarm for farmers and consumers alike? Opinions vary. From the pandemic, to the …

Experts: Huge Opportunities Exist in Tech-enabled Ag

As agriculture moves towards automation, what technologies and best practices will lead the way? In a recent FI webinar, Agritecture founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith and Tortuga AgTech CEO Eric Adamson outlined the current state of ag tech.

Latest Developments in Ag Tech

The challenges farmers face are expanding. Global unrest, unpredictable markets, rising inflation, expensive transportation and extreme weather are all impacting how food is grown, but how are farmers reacting? For many, the answer is an ...

FI Takeaways: Oct. 27, 2022

Need a quick download on the most important headlines this week? We’ve got you covered. Check out our newest series, FI Takeaways! This week we’ll take a look at American Express‘ third-quarter earnings, this winter’s weather outlook for crop …

Florida Citrus Industry Faces Uphill Battle after Hurricane Ian

The impacts of Hurricane Ian are still being analyzed, but one thing is certain: the Florida citrus industry’s losses will be staggering. That’s according to The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, …

FI Small Bites: Coffee Industry Latest

Despite the recent downward trend in coffee exports, the latest reports show some light in the darkened tunnel. What’s making things look brighter in the world of java? The Food Institute has the latest. Produced …

2021 Food Labeling Summit

No End in Sight for California Drought

Though drought conditions have improved in the Pacific Northwest and areas of the Midwest, parts of California and the Southwest have seen no relief from dry weather.

Egg and Meat Prices Likely to Ease by End of Summer

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, which spread widely across the northern U.S. and pushed poultry and egg prices skyward, may be winding down, a USDA official said. Some 40 million birds have been culled, about 6% …

Inflation Alters Plans for Two Meat Processors

National Beef Packing Co. LLC has postponed the planned $100 million expansion of its Tama, Iowa, plant, citing rising costs, Meat+Poultry reported (June 10). In March 2021, the company announced the expansion, which would have …

Recent Biden Initiatives Look to Support Farmers

President Joe Biden has increased the number of counties eligible for double cropping as part of a series of actions aimed at increasing U.S. production to offset tight global food supplies sparked by Russia’s invasion …

The Current State of U.S. Agriculture

Dr. Michael Swanson discusses the current state of U.S. agriculture, including inflation, supply chain pain, fertilizers, and avian influenza.

Experts: Autonomous Equipment Could Be Game Changer in Ag

Innovation is making it easier for farmers to optimize efficiency. And with that in mind, new agricultural technologies are the focus of The Food Institute’s report this month, which will be available to members starting April 19 …