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Innovative Agrifoodtech Startups Abound in Latin America

Latin America is known for being one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and, therefore, the main supplier of all kinds of F&B items, such as meat, coffee, soy, and cacao.

At present, agriculture in Latin America is still often in the hands of smallholder farmers. According to J.P. Morgan Private Bank, 14 million smallholder farmers are responsible for 50% of the total food production. Most of them don’t have access to equipment and technologies that could help increase food production and access the supply chain.

For these reasons, innovators, startups, agribusinesses, and farmers are working together to improve the region’s food system through technological solutions, as reported by AFN.

Here are the six Latin American agrifoodtech startups that are revolutionizing how we produce, distribute, and consume food around the globe.


Founded in 2015 in Chile, NotCo is known for its alt-protein products like milk, ice cream, burgers and meat. Additionallly, the brand has developed Giuseppe, an AI platform for alt-protein which can identify diverse and accurate combinations that resemble the taste and textures of animal-based meats and milks.

In essence, the company has created an algorithm that can learn how to combine an infinite combination of plants to replicate animal products.


A Brazilian company founded in 2007, Solinftec´s mission is to build technology to create productive and responsible agriculture for the future of the planet.

Through its AI software ALICE, Solinftec provides growers real-time and decision-making information regarding planting, harvesting, spraying and tendering. Currently, the company manages more than 27 million acres in real-time in 11 countries across the globe, and works mostly with sugarcane, soy, corn, cotton, coffee, timber, and citrus.



Founded in Brazil three years ago, Agrolend is a platform that helps small and medium-sized farmers have access to credit as easily as possible.

Through the platform, farmers can get supplies and equipment that increase their productivity and profitability in agricultural production. Agrolend aims to become the first digital bank in the Latin American agribusiness sector.

The company has a group of more than 30 investors, representing a financial capacity greater than R$80 billion.


Frubana is an online marketplace that connects restaurants and food retailers with farmers.

Founded in 2018, this Colombian company has the mission to reduce the intermediation between producers and consumers and make the purchase of products affordable and on time through an intelligent routing system.


Aravita, a Brazilian company that uses AI-powered solutions to reduce overstocking, food waste, and unnecessary costs in the fresh food retail industry, is driving positive impact on the economic, social, and environmental spectrum.

Through the platform, retailers such as supermarkets can optimize their purchase of fruits and vegetables based on data like climate, seasonality, consumer behavior, and economic conditions of the market.


Seedz was founded in Brazil in 2017 with the mission to provide a safe online marketplace for producers, distributors, resellers, and cooperatives.

Seedz generates technological solutions by analyzing important information about the market and the customers` needs. This helps agribusinesses boost profits. From creating a safe transactional platform to generating AI software for finding better solutions, these Latin American startups have a common goal: to improve the food system by adding value through technology, and to generate more opportunities for everyone in the food industry.

“Being the connection between those who feed the world is our purpose,” noted the company’s website.