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Analysis: How to Win Back E-Commerce Shoppers

While the end of the pandemic has been mostly good news for grocers, the return to in-store shopping has taken its toll on grocery e-commerce. More than half (52%) of consumers have stopped using the …

State of the Industry: Snack & Bakery

The American Bakers Association (ABA) and SNAC International recently hosted a webinar describing the current state of the snack and bakery industry. Presented in partnership with Circana (formerly IRI), the webinar featured a slew of …

How to Win Over Evolving Omnichannel Shoppers

Common sense wins the day in most respects, and a little data goes a long way toward verifying collective gut-checks, especially during inflationary years. And though the U.S. has landed a little softer than feared …

Locally Sourced Produce Can Boost Summer Sales

Summer offers the perfect opportunity for grocers to offer locally grown produce to differentiate themselves from the competition. Shoppers are looking for fresh foods for all occasions, from morning meals to barbecues, and positioning the …

How Grocers Can Sway Cash-Strapped Consumers

Low-income shoppers are more cautious than ever when choosing a grocer—companies that can meet their needs have an opportunity to develop relationships that last a lifetime.

3 Trends Reshaping Grocery

New research from analytics firm Placer.ai noted the steps that successful grocery chains are taking in 2023 to outpace the competition amid inflation.

The Inflationary Consumer: Fewer Trips but Bigger Carts

Consumers’ grocery shopping habits are changing as they grapple with inflation, leading to fewer trips but spending more during each visit. Between November 2022 and January 2023, average basket size rose 6% while number of …

How to Use Automation & Tech to Profit From Markdowns

For grocers, surplus food can lead to panic because they know that the longer products stay on the shelves, the less profit they yield. Many grocers still treat markdowns as an afterthought, however, which leaves …

Carrefour Aims for Era of Profitability

Grocery giant Carrefour is shifting its focus from growth to profitability – and other companies may want to follow suit, according to industry executives.

Latam Food Week Sponsorship
Latam Food Week Sponsorship

Stocking Sustainable Brands is Key to Preventing Trade Downs

The importance of offering sustainable products is hard to overstate — seven out of 10 consumers find sustainability more important today than they did two years ago, and more than half consider it “very important” according to Glow’s 2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report.

3 Keys to Discount Grocers’ Recent Success

Mainstream grocers can learn priceless lessons from successful off-price brands like Aldi, according to one industry analyst. Chief among those lessons is the value of growing private-label offerings.

How Brands’ Online Content Sways Consumers

Roughly 82% of shoppers feel product content online is more important than brand names. One executive notes how brands and retailers can deliver ideal information.