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Developing a New-Age Nugget

How does one jump from aerospace engineering into plant-based chicken nugget production? That’s exactly the leap that Christie Lagally, CEO & Founder of Rebellyous Foods, took.

Case Study: Rebellyous Foods & Engineering the Future

What does it take to design a novel system for alternative protein production? Christie Lagally, CEO of alt-chicken company Rebellyous Foods, spoke with FI about poor alt-meat infrastructure and what her company is doing about it.

Exploring Plant-Based Nutrition

Kerry Nutrition Scientist Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, joins The Food Institute Podcast to explore the nutrition of plant-based foods.

Is Plant-Based Meat at a Retail Crossroads?

Alternative meat sales continue to plateau at retail following strong performance in recent years. Has plant-based meat reached its peak, or is this just a lengthy chapter in the emerging category’s evolutionary process? According to …

Assessing the Plant-Based Landscape for 2022

Pandemic challenges in 2021 impacted the plant-based industry in divergent ways, as more consumers experimented at home and operators across restaurants and retail prioritized inventory over innovation. “At retail, we are seeing the biggest [plant-based] …

Analysts Expect Plant-Based Food Trend to Continue

As plant-based food continues to make inroads, industry observers expect the category to become a larger part of our diet in the years to come. That was a key theme during The Food Institute’s recent …

Carbon-Labeled Menus for the Future

Have you heard of carbon-labeled menus? Sandra Noonan, chief sustainability officer at Just Salad, joined the Food Institute Podcast to discuss her company’s decision to launch carbon-labeled menus and the ethos behind the move, and …