Developing a New-Age Nugget

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How does one jump from aerospace engineering into plant-based chicken nugget production? That’s exactly the leap that Christie Lagally, CEO & Founder of Rebellyous Foods, took in search of producing a healthier chicken nugget. Learn more about her company’s focus on animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health in this episode of The Food Institute Podcast.

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More About: Christie Lagally:
Christie Lagally is the founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods, a food production technology company working to make plant-based meat price-competitive with animal-based meat. Lagally began her career in the aerospace industry working on testing, designing, and manufacturing commercial airplanes at Boeing. Now at Rebellyous, she focuses on designing novel manufacturing equipment that addresses the two most significant obstacles facing the plant-based meat industry: cost and quality at scale.

More About Rebellyous Foods:
Seattle Food Tech, Inc., DBA Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology company working to make plant-based meat price-competitive with traditional chicken products. The company was founded in 2017 by former Boeing engineer Christie Lagally to provide the plant-based meat industry the tools needed to radically increase production capacity while dramatically lowering costs for high-quality plant-based meat. Investors include Aramana, Cercano Management, Clear Current Capital, Fifty Years, Liquid 2 Ventures, CPT Capital, Agronomics, and KBW Ventures. For more information, visit rebellyous.com.

Connect with Rebellyous:

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