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Unilever is a Cautionary Tale for U.S. Food Companies

On July 1, Hein Schumacher took over as chief executive officer of Unilever. His appointment followed a long search that brought him into the company from Dutch dairy co-op Royal FrieslandCampina, and his immediate mandate …

Lead with Delicious: How Plant-Based Thrives

How will plant-based evolve in the year ahead? In this industry outlook, analysts weigh in on economic challenges, the financial landscape, and consumer adoption strategies for 2024.

Six Restaurant Strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

While venerable NFL coaches Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan formulate their game plans leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, party planners the world over are doing the same. That’s especially true for restaurant operators, who …

Chocolate Purchases Dip Despite Candy Viewed as Energy Boost

A new report from Mintel suggests one-third of Americans rationalize purchasing chocolate as an energy boost. Meanwhile, new research suggests a direct connection between dark chocolate and reducing factors that contribute to essential hypertension.

Growing Consumer Anxiety Dictating Americans’ Spending

Increasing consumer anxiety plagues Americans as uncertainty about the future looms. From inflation to military conflict and weather disasters, consumers have a lot on their minds at the outset of 2024. Food Technology released its …

2023: The Year of Private Label Sets the Stage for 2024

Millennials grew up with store brands and they see them for what they are – a brand. Without a doubt, there is a transformation taking place in the private brand mainstream tier where products are moving away from strict equivalency to national brands and becoming true national brand alternatives.

Alcohol and No/Low Trends in 2024

Dozens of brands are experimenting in the nonalcoholic (NA) and low-alcohol space, offering consumers the opportunity to not so much choose sides but merely choose wisely according to their preferences, dietary needs, and personal goals. 

Understanding Gen Z’s ‘Menu Anxiety’

Gen Z reportedly suffers from “menu anxiety,” and some young people are scared to order their own food at restaurants, according to a study by Prezzo Italian Restaurant. The idea of paralyzing menu anxiety may …

AI Predicts 2024 FoodBev Trends

2023 was a big year for artificial intelligence in the food industry, and generative AI is slated to dominate the 2024 food and beverage marketing scene. “The emergence of generative AI offers a new reality …

Understanding Gen X’s Unique Food Preferences

Food preferences are a complex interplay of taste, health, value, and convenience. While these factors are universally important, the way they manifest can vary across generations due to differences in life stage, culture, macro-economic conditions, …


Get Real! How to Achieve Authenticity & ‘Rizz’ in FoodBev

And that’s OK. In many ways, being authentic isn’t about the best product or service or value or lifestyle; it’s about being human, which is being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the heartbeat of authenticity, the subtle brand drumbeat that brand advocates and consumers can hear. Without a heartbeat – without being occasionally vulnerable – it will be hard to resonate and grow the brand in a way that feels organic, fresh, and authentic.

Organic Growth Continues, Even Amidst Inflation

The quarterly percentage of American adults who say they purchase organic food regularly (or, “every chance I get,”) is up two percentage points since the first quarter of 2021, reaching 12%.

The Secrets of Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing in retail requires patience, data diligence, and knowledge of the local market, and consumers are receptive of the practice.

Teens’ Top 5 Restaurant Chains

Teens are trendsetters. They are typically early to the next big thing and most of their spending is discretionary, making them a lucrative demographic to study.

Specialty Food Trends to Watch in 2024

The Specialty Food Association recently unveiled its trends to watch for in 2024, and international flavors were a prominent theme. Clearly, the fact many consumers are working from home these days has sparked a sense …

Has Tofu Gone Mainstream?

Tofu is enjoying a new era of popularity thanks to its adaptability and nutritional clout. But despite its position as a plant-based powerhouse, this longtime vegan staple has its own share of hurdles to overcome.

Consumer Buzz: 5 Health & Wellness Ingredients to Watch

Across the food and beverage industry, health and wellness innovations are a prime target. What up-and-coming inclusions are consumers buzzing about? Here are five ingredients topping the charts on Brightfield Group’s Social Listening Dashboard. 5. …