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Latin, Asian Food Innovation on Display at COEX Event

TAMPA, Florida – A record number of chain restaurant operators, on-premise providers, foodservice manufacturers and others attended the COEX event on March 5-7. Among the food industry event’s highlights: Jack Li and Megan Lynberg of …

Report: Latest Fast-Food Innovation Paced by Taco Bell

At 2023’s outset, several restaurant chains have been innovating their dine-in experience to stay relevant and competitive; some with great success. A recent report by noted that some chains are making waves with consumers …

America’s Top 5 Grocery Loyalty Programs in 2023

As food prices continue to rise in these economically uncertain times, value is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds and grocery loyalty programs are more important than ever. But which grocery loyalty programs do consumers value most?

Poll: Consumer Optimism Plummeting

Optimism grew around the world last year as the pandemic receded and economies improved, an Ipsos poll of 24,000 global citizens indicated, but that consumer optimism faded as 2023 dawned. Many of those queried expressed …

3 Keys to Understanding Gen Z Employees

The generation gap is back. Gen Zers say they’re misunderstood by their elders – including those people who a couple of generations back said they’d never trust anyone over 30. How did we get here? …

Report: CAVA & Chicken Salad Chick Earn Rave Reviews

As inflation persists, it becomes more challenging for restaurants to lure customers. Nevertheless, new research shows a few chains are making strides when it comes to winning guests. Merchant Centric, a data analytics and reputation …

NA Drinks & Wings Win Super Bowl Sunday

Chicken wings are cheap and beer is expensive. Amid inflation, brands need an omnichannel approach to reach consumers, especially as it relates to snacking.

Report: Gen Z, Millennials Boosting Candy Sales

New research suggests many consumers have an undeniable sweet tooth these days, and candy sales back that up. A report by the National Confectioners Association (NCA) revealed that non-chocolate candy is the second-largest selling confectionery …

Report: Alcohol Increasingly Part of Super Bowl Parties

It appears overall alcohol consumption will be up at Super Bowl parties this year. Research by retail insights company 84.51°, however, shows an eye-opening drop in planned alcohol consumption among younger adults this year.

Survey: Consumers Already Bracing for Recession

Though experts still are split on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve’s inflation-fighting moves will plunge the economy into a recession, consumers apparently aren’t waiting for the official figures, already trimming their grocery bills and choice …

Blaze Pizza Favorite QSR Among Gen Z

Blaze Pizza, in the opinion of college kids, is “lit.” And sandwiches from Five Guys and Jersey Mike’s, apparently, “just hit different.”


How Brands’ Online Content Sways Consumers

Roughly 82% of shoppers feel product content online is more important than brand names. One executive notes how brands and retailers can deliver ideal information.

Smart-Voice Technology: Coming Soon, to a Drive-Thru Near You

In a world of fast-changing consumer demands, the classic fast-food drive-thru window is evolving. From doubling lanes to fully digital menu boards, restaurants have made all kinds of improvements to the drive-thru service. With technology …

Experts Predict Asian Food Boom in 2023

To hear experts tell it, an Asian food boom has begun in America. During Tuesday’s Food Institute webinar – “What’s Ahead in 2023?” –Solomon Choi, CEO of Jabba Brands, noted that internationally-inspired hard seltzers and …

2023 Flavor Forecast: Expect Influx of French Cuisine

When it comes to classical cooking and decadent flavors, look no further than France. With centuries of tradition and innovation, excellent French cuisine is some of the most celebrated and sought after. Flavor giant McCormick …

Grocery Sticker Shock Has Changed Buyer Habits

Consumers who want to save money on groceries are turning to coupons, loyalty programs, and rewards while cutting back on snacks, a survey by Seattle retail technology platform Swiftly indicates. The online True Cost of …

Consumers Largely Positive Heading into 2023

Consumer spending habits and behaviors are shifting, with frugality taking a front seat in the face of rising prices and uncertainty over the economy, a new survey of consumer trends by Attest indicates. “Frugality is …

CEO: Food Allergy Issue Now an ‘Epidemic’ in America

Approximately 110 million Americans are directly or indirectly impacted by either a severe food allergy or food sensitivity in their household, prompting some in the food industry to call for increased transparency on labeling.