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The 4-Day Workweek Has Reached F&B

Could a shorter, 4-day work week be the answer to employee happiness and increased productivity? The debate continues among experts.

Chick-fil-A is the Fast-Food Customer Service King

Employees at Chick-fil-A’s 3,000-plus locations “are trained to genuinely care about the customer’s experience,” said Courtney Haywood, a brand manager and the CEO of Courtney Haywood Agency Partners.

Column: How to Retain Restaurant Workers in 2024

Scrolling through is an eye-opening experience. Every employer is trying to find workers because employees have a ton of options in 2023. I’ve worked with franchises for nearly 30 years, and labor has always …

CEOs’ Secrets to Success in the New Year

“Remember that running a food and beverage business can sometimes be akin to ‘buying yourself a job;’ it may not always guarantee immediate or substantial returns on investment.”

Rash of Restaurant Bankruptcies Festers

Fast-food businesses that focus on creating a positive workplace culture, improving the overall employee experience, and nurturing strong employer-employee relationships are better positioned to attract and retain top talent.

Survey: Restaurants Face Labor Challenges Amid an Uncertain Economy

According to a new survey, many restaurant operators view changing macroeconomic conditions, labor challenges, and evolving guest demands among their top current pain points. Earlier this year, Toast polled 847 restaurant decision-makers for its annual …

California Wage Law: The Dominos Are Poised to Fall

QSR jobs will be in high demand once the law passes as workers try to reduce their dining expenses in lieu of high food costs and an inflationary environment. More importantly, however, California just bolstered the prospects of hundreds of thousands of current and (more importantly) future fast-food workers.

Will the Government’s New Farm Relief Bill Function?

In the past, the sheer bureaucracy of requesting emergency relief has led to several administrative changes, causing delays, confusion, and more than a little fiscal frustration for those providing many of the common produce staples in grocery and retail.

Unions: Could ‘Sectoral Bargaining’ Transform Labor Landscape?

The explosive growth of ride-hailing services disrupted the age-old taxi industry. Now, the drivers at Uber, Lyft and similar companies could disrupt another age-old concept: collective bargaining. Low-wage workers, including those working for fast-food chains …

Game On: Restaurants Use Gaming Tech to Boost Efficiency

Restaurants are a tricky business and the competition is fierce. That’s one reason why it’s imperative to set yourself apart and find ways to attract and retain high-quality employees. In that spirit, Perfect Company recently …

3 Keys to Understanding Gen Z Employees

The generation gap is back. Gen Zers say they’re misunderstood by their elders – including those people who a couple of generations back said they’d never trust anyone over 30. How did we get here? …

3 Keys for Employee Retention in 2023

The past few years have presented numerous challenges to business owners, including an ongoing labor shortage. The hospitality industry certainly isn’t immune to the struggles of employee retention. “For a long time, the hospitality industry …

Trials Show Workers Love Condensed Workweeks

Restaurant owners are following the corporate world’s lead in having employees test the four-day workweek – but a south Florida Chick-fil-A owner has gone further by having employees in his fast-food establishment work 13 to …

2023 Labor Outlook: Layoffs, Automation on Horizon

Inflation threw a wrench into pandemic recovery, and with interest rates rising and the threat of a recession looming, the 2023 labor market could look very different than it does today. Major tech companies have …


Companies Rethinking Warehouse Experience Amid Labor Shortage

Oversized windows, offering ideal natural light. … Fitness centers. … Outdoor work areas. Don’t look now, but many of the newest factories in America feature items that sound like descriptions on To retain employees, …

Experts Predict ‘Striketober’ to Remember

Slightly more than a month before the mid-term elections, thousands of U.S. workers are threatening to turn October into “Striketober,” with restaurant workers at the forefront of the bid to increase wages and improve working …

Predictive-Maintenance Tech Aiding Manufacturers’ Efficiency

Predictive-maintenance technology – smart software that listens to machines to predict equipment failures before they happen – could prove to be a valuable service, especially as manufacturers grapple with supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. …

Breaking Down Calif.’s Controversial FAST Act Bill

California’s FAST Recovery Act – the first bill of its kind to take on the fast-food industry – could prove a boon for workers and labor unions but a burden to the mom-and-pop restaurants that …