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Schnucks’ ‘Flexforce’ Answers Gen Z’s Calls for Flexibility


Schnucks is giving workers the flexibility to choose shifts at a time and store location that works for them with the expansion of its “Flexforce” employment option.

Much like a rideshare or food delivery gig, Flexforce teammates log into a scheduling app to view and claim open shifts. They can also opt-in to receive notifications when shifts open up.

But unlike other contract positions, Flexforce employees receive the same benefits and perks as traditional Schnucks teammates. It’s a unique system that’s been well-received since it launched last October at select Schnucks St. Louis-area stores.

“Since its launch, we have been able to add more than 140 Flexforce teammates who appreciate the ability to optimize their work schedules by selecting shifts and store locations that best fit their personal schedules,” spokesperson Paul Simon told The Food Institute.

Now, Schnucks is adding the Flexforce employment option to more than 30 locations in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. The program, which was initially limited to certain positions within each store, is also expanding into more departments following the successful launch.

“Flexforce started off as being limited to the center store area. That has since been expanded to include work in the produce department as well as for courtesy clerk (bagging) shifts,” Simon explained. “Later this month, we will open up checking shifts. We are also looking at the possibility of expanding to meat, deli and seafood in the future.”

While Flexforce is an option for anyone over the age of 18, it’s an undeniably intriguing option for the evolving workforce – Gen Z in particular. The cohort that will make up a third of the U.S. workforce by 2030 views work differently than older generations. Namely, they want flexibility.

Gen Z job seekers are 77% more likely to engage with a job posting on LinkedIn that mentions “flexibility” than one that doesn’t, according to Axios.

“We know that the workforce is evolving and people are looking for different opportunities to pick up shifts that fit their schedule – and it might even help them grow a new career,” Simon said.

And despite Gen Z’s proclivity for flexibility, career advancement is equally as important to them. As they enter the workforce, 67% of Gen Zers say they want jobs that will enable them to learn skills that advance their career, a 2022 NSHSS survey found.

According to Simon, the Flexforce employment option meets the changing workforce where they’re at by “creating opportunities for growth and learning at a pace determined by the teammate.

“It helps us to stay relevant and flexible for the modern workforce,” he said.