Author: Christine Zulkosky

Consumers Are Changing How They Grocery Shop… Again

It’s no secret that consumers are dealing with a lot right now—emergency SNAP benefits ended, student loan payments restarted, and food inflation has persisted—putting many grocery consumers in a bind and ultimately changing how they …

Kraft Heinz Aims at Convenience for Kids

Reports continue to show that consumers place a high premium on convenience, even in the face of inflation, and Kraft Heinz is betting that kids’ snacks are no exception. The multinational food company is expanding …

Study: Eating Red Meat Increases Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Eating red meat just twice a week may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new Harvard University study. Meanwhile, data shows that a relatively small percentage of people eat a …

Sugar Alcohols Are Everywhere—What Are They?

Sugar alcohols, found in many processed foods, have long been an enigma for many consumers. Commonly listed under the “total carbohydrate” header on a nutrition facts label, sugar alcohols are actually neither sugar nor alcohol—despite …

Top 5 Things Grocery Shoppers Look For on Food Labels

Today’s shoppers care about what’s in their food, and they are not afraid to check the label—but what exactly are they looking for? Standing in the grocery aisle, squinting at the product in hand, there …

Is Plant-Based Entering a New Era of Growth?

Is all the hype surrounding plant-based meat overblown, or is this just the proverbial eye of the storm? The Food Institute sat down with Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech Invest to discuss why she believes the industry is on the verge of something big.

The Early Bird Dinner Trend Is Sweeping the Nation

Consumers across the country are going out to dinner more often—and much earlier—than they were before the pandemic. Turns out, being an early bird isn’t all that special anymore. “Our data indicates that fine-dining customers …

Are U.S. Coffee Drinkers Addicted to Their Morning Brew?

For most American coffee drinkers—cue the old Folgers jingle—the best part of waking up really is the coffee in their cup. According to new research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of BUNN, four in five …

Is the Greenwashing Wave Crashing?

In the age of transparency, nearly half (45%) of shoppers have heard of greenwashing and one-third (33%) are skeptical of green labels and sustainability claims.

What Consumers Really Think About Artificial Sweeteners

In mid-July, the World Health Organization (WHO) flagged aspartame, an artificial sweetener frequently used in diet sodas, as a possible carcinogen. Consumers responded to the news with a resounding shrug.

How F&B Companies Can Leverage Generative AI

Generative AI burst onto the scene this year as programs like ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney demonstrated the vast potential of this emerging technology. Many experts predict that generative AI will soon transform how businesses operate, making right now the perfect time to get ahead of the competition.

Top Trends at the Plant Based World Expo 2023

The Food Institute was on the scene at the 2023 Plant Based World Expo taking in the sights, sounds, and most importantly—tastes—while chatting with exhibitors about their offerings. Here are the top trends we spotted:

What Do Plant-Based Consumers Want Most?

Curiosity is the number one reason consumers try plant-based foods, but what will keep them coming back for more? At the Plant Based World Expo in New York City last week, Steve Markenson, VP of Research & Insights at The Food Industry Association, addressed this essential question.

AI Chatbots Are Coming to a Food Delivery App Near You

The race to integrate AI chatbots into third-party food delivery apps is on, but major players like DoorDash and Uber Eats are holding their cards close to their chest, for now. Neither company has publicly …

Trending Fall Flavors Beyond Pumpkin Spice

As the days get shorter and the sound of each crisp breeze rustling through the trees seems to whisper, “pumpkin spice,” it’s time to shine a light on the other fall flavors that consumers crave. …

Top 5 Highest-Grossing U.S. Fast-Food Chains

Average unit volume (AUV) speaks to a chain’s operational efficiency and overall success, indicating the average annual sales that a brand earns per restaurant—a reflection of how consumers feel about the brand itself. These are the top five highest-grossing fast-food chains in the U.S. by AUV.

Americans Avoid Businesses Without a Drive-Thru

No drive-thru? For nearly half of Americans, that’s a deal-breaker. New research shows that 47% of U.S. consumers would simply avoid going to a store that doesn’t have a drive-thru. And twice as many people …

The High-Tech Future of Food Production

The world is getting hotter, impacting every aspect of food production. Animals are overheating. Extreme temperatures are scorching crops. Does the future of food depend on high-tech solutions? How sows and cows stay cool Livestock …


Top 5 Sources of Prebiotics for Gut Health

As we continue to discover how gut health impacts our overall well-being, scientists are exploring the value of consuming prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

SKU News: Firsts From Maxwell House, Yough!, & Philadelphia

New product launches from Maxwell House, Yough!, and Philadelphia signal important firsts for each of the brands. Designed to be convenient, better-for-you, and plant-based, these new offerings are indicative of the trends defining the food industry right now.

What Does Wellness Mean to Consumers?

Although the terms “health” and “wellness” are often lumped together or used interchangeably, there is an important distinction between the two. Understanding this difference is essential to understanding the modern consumer.

Top 4 Cereal Trends Redefining the Category

The cereal aisle isn’t what it used to be. Instead, brands are innovating, collaborating, and developing healthier options to reimagine what cereal means to the modern consumer, for breakfast and beyond. These are the top …

Pizza Chains’ New Recipes for Success

Domino’s and Pizza Hut are two of the largest pizza chains in the U.S., but each have encountered some turbulence in recent years. In April, Domino’s reported a slowdown in its delivery business, and Pizza …

Alcohol To-Go Isn’t Going Away

Alcohol to-go has become a permanent fixture around the United States, presenting a massive growth opportunity for businesses.

Top 5 Healthiest Diets

A diet may help you lose weight quickly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthy choice. To help people parse through the wealth of information (and misinformation) available today, the American Heart Association (AHA) …