Kraft Heinz Aims at Convenience for Kids

Reports continue to show that consumers place a high premium on convenience, even in the face of inflation, and Kraft Heinz is betting that kids’ snacks are no exception.

The multinational food company is expanding into new aisles of the grocery store with two new Lunchables products designed to give kids autonomy by being quick and easy.

A Convenient Snack-tivity

First, there’s Lunchables Dunkables, a line of snacks designed for kids to grab and go (and dunk), currently available in two varieties: Mozza Sticks with Marinara & Breadcrumbs and Pretzel Twists with PB Spread & Choco Chips.

According to the company, Dunkables are “grounded in the growing popularity of kids’ snack time dipping culture.” It’s also a signal that Lunchables plans to broaden its reach in the snacking category, with convenient single-serving portion sizes designed to bridge the gap between meals.

“Tapping into kids’ emerging love for dunking their foods, this felt like a ripe opportunity to take our brand to the next level with the launch of Dunkables,” said Danni Levin, Associate Director of Innovation at Lunchables. “Developed to give kids the power to dip, build, and create their ultimate after-school-snack, Dunkables are powered by kids’ imaginations for endless dipping possibilities.”

Grilled Cheese in Seconds

And then there’s Lunchables’ entrance into the frozen section with Grilled Cheesies, a microwavable grilled cheese sandwich that purports to come out crispy in 60 seconds.

Grilled Cheesies is the first product to utilize Kraft Heinz’s 360CRISP technology, which the company first announced in September and described as “a new disruptive platform for the microwave that creates crispy, crunchy products like you get on the stove.”

“The launch of 360CRISP is a clear proof point in our mission to reinvent the frozen category by providing high-quality, delicious, and convenient solutions for snack-time and beyond,” said Alan Kleinerman, VP Head of Disruption at Kraft Heinz.

Grilled Cheesies, in particular, are targeted at children. In a press release announcing the launch, Kraft Heinz noted that kids’ snacking is a key driver of growth within the frozen category. As such, the microwavable sandwiches aim to empower kids with the independence to cook the snack themselves—no stove or pan necessary, which is pretty convenient for parents, too.

Kraft Heinz just raised its 2023 profit estimates for the second time this year, after topping Q3 earnings estimates. The company says it’s in the midst of a “broad business transformation” and is aiming for $2 billion in incremental net sales by 2027.