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What’s on the Horizon for CPG Companies in 2024?

In 2023, we also saw a growing trend among consumers to adapt their buying habits to save money by trading down and prioritizing cost savings over quality, with 66% of consumers seeking out less expensive goods in 2023.

‘Rufus, Fetch My Next Outfit’: Amazon Unveils AI Shopping Assistant

Critics and analysts alike are keen to understand who stands to benefit most from this technology – whether it will primarily serve Amazon’s interests by increasing sales and customer retention, or genuinely improve the consumer experience by offering more personalized and convenient shopping solutions.

Small But Powerful: Retailers Turning to Smaller Formats

When it comes to the food industry, Kohen said food and restaurant retailers can take advantage of smaller formats in neighborhoods and lifestyle centers, providing a dining experience to the shopping journey.

IRI: 5 Keys to Drive CPG Growth in 2023

As inflation continues, consumers are responding by shopping value channels more and buying fewer premium meals and snacks, according to IRI.

Feds Look to Address U.S. Supply Chain Woes

The Federal Reserve reported that supply chain disruptions and labor shortages plagued many parts of the country in November, leading to rising prices across most of the nation, reported The Associated Press (Dec. 1). With …

Walmart, Kroger and Other Retailers Continue to Innovate

Walmart is tapping automation to help its store fleet handle last-mile grocery delivery, adding local fulfillment centers (LFCs) that will turn parts of them into mini warehouses and speed up fulfillment for local customers. The …