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Gen Z Teens Reducing Spend, Supporting Smaller Brands

Among CPG energy drink brands, Celsius over-indexes with teens, with 17% citing it as their favorite energy drink brand (vs. ~12% market share) while Monster and Red Bull under-index. Among snack brands, Campbell’s Goldfish are still most preferred. Teens report highest intentions to eat more or the same amount of Mondelez’s Clif Bar and Hershey’s products.

Premium, Ethical, and On-Demand: The New Age of Snacking Unwrapped

For starters, the global demographic landscape is undergoing a noteworthy transformation, with “second lifers” – those embarking on new chapters post-retirement – emerging as a powerful group of consumers. By 2050, the over-60 demographic is expected to double. This shift is pushing the market towards balanced nutrition.

Athletic Brewing – The King of NA Beer?

It comes down to how to make craft beer flavor and aroma become credible as a basic refreshment on occasions currently dominated by soft drinks. This is the real NA beverage battle the brand faces.

2023: The Year of Private Label Sets the Stage for 2024

Millennials grew up with store brands and they see them for what they are – a brand. Without a doubt, there is a transformation taking place in the private brand mainstream tier where products are moving away from strict equivalency to national brands and becoming true national brand alternatives.

How to Win Over Evolving Omnichannel Shoppers

Common sense wins the day in most respects, and a little data goes a long way toward verifying collective gut-checks, especially during inflationary years. And though the U.S. has landed a little softer than feared …

Alcohol To-Go Isn’t Going Away

Alcohol to-go has become a permanent fixture around the United States, presenting a massive growth opportunity for businesses.

Survey: Boosting Alt-Meat Adoption

A new survey by Sweet Earth explores the decline in alt-meat adoption to source potential solutions to reignite consumer interest.

Stocking Sustainable Brands is Key to Preventing Trade Downs

The importance of offering sustainable products is hard to overstate — seven out of 10 consumers find sustainability more important today than they did two years ago, and more than half consider it “very important” according to Glow’s 2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report.

Game On: Restaurants Use Gaming Tech to Boost Efficiency

Restaurants are a tricky business and the competition is fierce. That’s one reason why it’s imperative to set yourself apart and find ways to attract and retain high-quality employees. In that spirit, Perfect Company recently …

Report: Loyalty Members Defying Inflation with Higher Spending

Loyalty spending reached the highest point on record across all restaurant and convenience store concepts in 2021. This traction reflects the value of loyalty programs as a source of revenue during inflationary periods. According to …


Millennials, Gen Z Key to Plant-Based Advancement

Despite industry-wide challenges, both dairy and meat plant-based alternatives are forecast to grow through 2024, driven almost entirely by Millennials and Gen Zers. According to a recent report by The NPD Group, these plant-based consumers …

Numbers of Note: The Millennial Shopping Basket

On-the-go millennial parents favor products that balance convenience and consistency with splashes of innovation. “According to IRI, categories that rank high for millennials include fresh products, such as fresh fruit, meat, and muffins, as well ...

3 Keys for Marketing to Millennial Parents

Millennial parents have become massively impactful consumers. Several stats speak to the generation’s purchasing power. First, millennials in general are the largest adult cohort worldwide, with 23% of the global population – or 1.8 billion …

Study: Meal Kits Gaining Momentum with Gen Z, Millennials

New consumer research suggests that meal kits are gaining momentum – especially with young adults. According to research from Culinary Visions, an insights and trends forecasting practice, 49% of consumers ages 18-34 say meal kits …

Report: QR Code Usage on the Rise for Young Consumers

One of the lasting pandemic-related changes in consumer behavior could be the adoption of the QR code, according to a new FoodBytes report from Datassential. A year ago, just a quarter of consumers had encountered …

Why Are Private Label Products Not Thriving Amidst Inflation?

Shoppers have historically gravitated to store brands when economic times get tough. But despite record-high prices, private label food and beverage sales continue to dip below their national counterparts at retail. Overall, store brand dollar …