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Thanksgiving 2023: Expect Expensive Meals

Food manufacturers have seen their profits fall in the past year, forcing them to pass along increases for raw materials, energy, transportation, and packaging.

Mallwalking, Food Courts, and Retail Are Back

E-commerce has not only failed to kill the great American retail experience but is helping it thrive as sales associates and vendors large and small are using the omnichannel to attract customers, enhance sales, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

6 Tips to Withstand a Recession

The Food Institute spoke with food industry executives to determine their strategies to withstand a coming recession.

Major Retailers Begin Intense Hiring Push

The retail industry is hiring at a record pace. In June, the industry saw 1.1 million job openings even after more than 1.1 million workers got hired in a massive hiring spree, reported NPR (Aug. 26). Still, employment …

Higher Food Prices, Lower Inventory Expected Through Holidays

According to industry experts, consumers can expect to see higher prices in the last quarter of this year in several grocery categories. Ingredient suppliers are seeing longer lead times because of issues like labor shortages …

Americans Plan to Spend Less During the Holidays

Almost 40% of Americans plan to spend less on gifts this holiday season, according to a CNBC economic survey. The average U.S. citizen plans to spend $886, down 10% from a year ago, as the …

Grocers Prepare for a Second COVID Wave During Holidays

Grocers and suppliers feel more prepared for a second surge of COVID-19, reported The Boston Globe (Oct. 19). Most grocers and wholesalers began stockpiling items that were popular during the first wave of shutdowns. Some …