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Will Beef Prices Stay Elevated into 2024?

Looking ahead, Zimmerman noted that prices would likely increase in the new year, but the magnitude of that increase would likely be more subtle in 2024.

Three Consumer Mindsets Driving Fresh Grocery Sales

Despite easing inflation concerns, consumers are still preparing 85% of meals at home, which presents significant sales opportunities. In a recent webinar, Circana and FMI unpacked the three major mindsets driving today’s fresh grocery shoppers.

Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices

Consumer demand for shell eggs should remain strong in the near-term despite year-over-year price increases, due in part to the value proposition eggs provide for consumers searching for protein options, according to industry analysts. Eggs …

Industry Expert: Delivery Customers Now Expect Speed, Accuracy

By most accounts, post-pandemic life will involve lots of online shopping for consumers. Coronavirus lockdowns nudged most consumers in that direction, and innovation is pushing them further toward adoption of extensive online shopping for purchases …

How High Can Prices Go: Top Consumer Foods

As pandemic restrictions eased, pent-up consumer demand kept inflation elevated. In July, the overall consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.5%, a somewhat moderate gain relative to recent increases. Yet, over the past 12 months, price …