Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Food Industry

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Cyber threats are a growing issue for the food industry, but what can food companies do to keep their data safe and operations intact? More importantly, how should you react after a cyber-intrusion takes place? Arete Incident Response’s DJ Schalk discusses common threat vectors and explores ransom negotiations, while HUB International’s Sommer Chanady and Brian Schnese discuss how insurance can protect your business and best practices to help prevent an intrusion in the first place.

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More About Sommer Chanady:
Sommer has been creating exceptional risk management and insurance solutions within the food and beverage industry for over 17 years. She originally worked on the carrier side at Liberty Mutual for five years and joined HUB International 13 years ago. She has traveled to over 30 countries for culinary experiences and is very passionate about the food industry. Her unrelenting advocacy and expertise in this highly specialized space allows clients to feel as if she is part of their in-house risk management team.

Connect with Sommer on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sommer-chanady-6326b3126/

More About Brian Schnese:
Brian J. Schnese is a Senior Risk Consultant with HUB International’s Risk Services Division and Assistant Vice President of the Division’s Organizational Resilience consulting team. Brian is a former FBI Special Agent and has over 15 years of professional experience in regulatory compliance and managing risk in state and federal government agencies. He has extensive training and experience in functional areas related to theft and fraud, law enforcement, crisis management, intelligence gathering/production, money laundering, organized retail crime, safety and security risk, non-violent intervention, assets protection, and investigations.

More About DJ Schalk:
As a Director at Arete, DJ Schalk manages a team of Technical Leads in direct support of client engagements to facilitate the remediation and recovery from security incidents including ransomware and network intrusions. DJ also manages a team of 20 security engineers who deploy on-site to assist client IT teams with containment, remediation, forensic collections, and restoration. Mr. Schalk has over 19 years of experience in information technology supporting both government and educational environments in data management, security, architecture, and virtualization.

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