Foodservice Gamechangers

Get to know the men and women behind the scenes of foodservice distribution in a new, limited series from The Food Institute Podcast called “Foodservice Gamechangers.”

Recently, Pat Mulhern, advisor to The Food Institute, sat down for brief conversations with seven of the most influential foodservice merchandising and distribution leaders. Highlighting their food career journeys and management styles, the conversations offer insights on what may lie ahead for manufacturers, distributors, and operators in foodservice. Don’t miss your chance to get to know some of the unheralded professionals in an industry of amazing professionals.

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Foodservice Gamechangers – Bob Stewart

In the first episode of “Foodservice Gamechangers,” Food Institute advisor Pat Mulhern speaks with UniPro Foodservice CEO Bob Stewart who shared his thoughts on the foodservice industry’s future, including the impact of consolidation and succession planning. Additionally, Stewart emphasizes the importance of hard work, technical skills, and networking.

Foodservice Gamechangers – George Eversman

In the second episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series, special guest host and Food Institute advisor Pat Mulhern welcomed Dot Foods president George Eversman to talk about his career journey and leadership style. Additionally, the pair discuss workforce management strategies and supply chain logistics for the foodservice distribution industry.

Foodservice Gamechangers – Rob Mould

In the third episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series, Independent Marketing Alliance president and CEO Rob Mould speaks with special guest host and Food Institute advisor Pat Mulhern about selecting and managing suppliers, and the need for more suppliers in certain categories. The pair also discusses how leadership styles have adapted to a changing workplace, and the need for purposeful and proactive leadership in the foodservice distribution workplace.

Foodservice Gamechangers – Victoria Gutierrez

In the fourth episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series, Sysco SVP and chief merchandising officer Victoria Gutierrez joined Food Institute advisor and special guest host Pat Mulhern to discuss the importance of fostering a growth mindset and embracing digital transformation in the foodservice distribution industry. The duo also discussed the need for adaptable problem solving and resilience in the workforce.

Foodservice Gamechangers – Todd Baker

Todd Baker, Gordon Food Service EVP of North American merchandising, joined Food Institute advisor and special guest host Pat Mulhern for the fifth episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series. Baker shares insights about his leadership style, how to best build supplier relationships, and how to learn from employees within your organization.

Foodservice Gamechangers – Scott Barnewolt

In the sixth episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series, Performance Foodservice SVP of procurement Scott Barnewolt joined Food Institute advisor and special guest host Pat Mulhern to discuss the accelerated pace of change in the post-pandemic world. Additionally, the pair discuss the challenges and benefits of working from home, and how artificial intelligence may impact the foodservice industry in the years to come.

Foodservice Gamechangers – Dave Poe

In the seventh and final episode of the “Foodservice Gamechangers” series, US Foods SVP and chief merchant Dave Poe connected with special guest host and Food Institute advisor Pat Mulhern to discuss Poe’s 26 years at US Foods. Poe shares thoughts on leadership styles, merchandising strategies, and the challenges emerging for the food industry associated with labor issues and inflation.