Author: Chris Campbell

The State of Health & Wellness for the Food Industry

Consumers often say they want to eat healthy, but many need help in achieving this goal. What does the current science say with regard to healthy eating, and how can the food industry meet the rising ...

The Jersey Mike’s Way

How did a small sub shop from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, grow into a 2,400-store operation across 50 states?

Chicken or the Egg? HPAI’s Impact on Pricing

On the surface, the appearance of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in 2022 should have pushed prices up for both chicken and eggs at an equal level. But anyone keeping an eye on supermarket shelves …

Leveraging Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Recent cyberattacks have shown the business and reputational impacts of a breach, but what technologies can be used to protect your organization?

Analyst: U.S. Egg Industry in ‘Unprecedented Times’

The U.S. egg industry is in “unprecedented times” as the threat of avian influenza continues to impact prices and availability. That’s according to Eggs Unlimited Global Trade Strategist Brian Moscogiuri, who told The Food Institute …

Supply Chain Success Depends Upon Collaboration

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For supply chain success, all stakeholders from manufacturers to operators must collaborate openly and effectively. That was the general theme of the “Supply Chain Talent All Star Panel” at the DMA Nashville …

Florida Citrus Industry Faces Uphill Battle after Hurricane Ian

The impacts of Hurricane Ian are still being analyzed, but one thing is certain: the Florida citrus industry’s losses will be staggering. That’s according to The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, …

Dissecting the FAST Recovery Act

California’s recently passed FAST Recovery Act is causing waves in the industry, but what will the real impacts be?

Port Pain Points Shifting but Industry not in ‘Downturn’

The supply chain continues to be a challenge for food importers, but the pain points are shifting. And despite media reports claiming a “downturn,” rates are still elevated when compared to the pre-pandemic period. That’s …

Mapping the Low-FODMAP Diet

How are consumers changing consumption patterns as inflation pushes CPG prices higher? Ibotta EVP of RevenueChris Jensen discusses.

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Gen Z Among the Hardest Hit By Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a growing global problem, and within the U.S., Gen Z is among the hardest hit. That’s according to Purdue University’s Consumer Foods Insight report, which reported 30% of Gen Z adults had …

Supply Chain Pain Now Seen Stretching to mid-2023

Supply chain pain could extend well into next year, industry experts said recently, further straining the U.S. food industry and other businesses. That’s according to Camerican International President Josh Gellert, who told The Food Institute …

Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices

Consumer demand for shell eggs should remain strong in the near-term despite year-over-year price increases, due in part to the value proposition eggs provide for consumers searching for protein options, according to industry analysts. Eggs …

Exploring Plant-Based Nutrition

Kerry Nutrition Scientist Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, joins The Food Institute Podcast to explore the nutrition of plant-based foods.

A Closer Look at Frozen Fruit

Import, Export Volumes Drop Both imports and exports of frozen fruits exhibited a drop in quantity during the Jan. 1-Feb. 28 period despite increasing value during the period, according to Food Institute analysis of Bureau ...