Author: Chris Campbell

Supply Chain Pain Now Seen Stretching to mid-2023

Supply chain pain could extend well into next year, industry experts said recently, further straining the U.S. food industry and other businesses. That’s according to Camerican International President Josh Gellert, who told The Food Institute …

Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices

Consumer demand for shell eggs should remain strong in the near-term despite year-over-year price increases, due in part to the value proposition eggs provide for consumers searching for protein options, according to industry analysts. Eggs …

Exploring Plant-Based Nutrition

Kerry Nutrition Scientist Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, joins The Food Institute Podcast to explore the nutrition of plant-based foods.

A Closer Look at Frozen Fruit

Import, Export Volumes Drop Both imports and exports of frozen fruits exhibited a drop in quantity during the Jan. 1-Feb. 28 period despite increasing value during the period, according to Food Institute analysis of Bureau ...

Supply Chain Pain Continues to Snarl Global Shipping

While many thought global shipping bottlenecks would ease by mid-2022, a number of factors promise to extend supply chain pain into the near future. In 2021, supply chain bottlenecks were mostly a function of record …

The Current State of U.S. Agriculture

Dr. Michael Swanson discusses the current state of U.S. agriculture, including inflation, supply chain pain, fertilizers, and avian influenza.

Analyst: Expect Higher Egg Prices Through 2022

(Editor’s Note 6/15/2022: For updated coverage on the shell egg market, please read “Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices“) Egg buyers may have found some relief in March as prices moderated, but …

FI Exclusive: Q&A with Simbe Robotics CEO Brad Bogolea

When it comes to inventory management, few companies are automating the process for retailers like Simbe Robotics. The company’s “Tally” autonomous retail robot scans product inventory on shelves and connects data points to ensure products …

A Primer on Stock Throughput Policies

HUB International’s Kaleigh Kemmerly and CRC Group’s Ted Clayton illuminate the benefits of stock throughput policies for the food industry.

Remembering Bill Bishop

Upon returning from vacation, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Bill Bishop, an industry legend who also happened to be one of the nicest guys I ever met. To be fair, many …

Make No ‘Mis-Steak’: Steakhouse Visits on the Rise

After two years of COVID-related limitations on indoor dining, one segment of the restaurant industry is surpassing pre-pandemic traffic figures: steakhouses. That’s according to a recent report from location analytics firm, which reported growth …

The Frontier of Fermented Foods

The opportunities in fermented food stretch beyond kimchi and sauerkraut, and no one has a better vantage point on this than David Zilber, who heads up fermented food research and development at Chr. Hansen.

Report: QR Code Usage on the Rise for Young Consumers

One of the lasting pandemic-related changes in consumer behavior could be the adoption of the QR code, according to a new FoodBytes report from Datassential. A year ago, just a quarter of consumers had encountered …

A Global Perspective on Inflation and Food Trends

John Church, co-head of HSBC Bank’s food and beverage unit, joins The Food Institute Podcast to discuss everything from wheat markets to foodservice drive-thrus to health and wellness.

Will Consumers Continue to Eat at Home?

City National Bank Managing Director Eric Viergutz and RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Nik Modi join The Food Institute Podcast to discuss changing dining preferences.

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Port Delays Continue to Pile Up

Global shipping is likely to take another hit in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The invasion adds a level of complexity to an industry already navigating changing consumer demand, inflation, and the ongoing effects …

Building an ESG Business Case

Building an ESG business case for your food company has never been more important as consumers and investors align with these principles.

Zeroing In on Rising Egg Prices

It’s clear that egg prices rose in the first month of 2022, but determining a definitive cause is a bit more elusive. The price of a dozen large white eggs rose to a national average of $2.08 on Feb. 9, representing a 22.5% increase month-over-month.

Analysis: How Will Canadian Trucker Protests Impact America?

What started as a trucker protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates has grown to include many Canadians who are also pushing back against the rules, and resulting blockages could threaten an already-strained supply chain. In January, …

In the Trenches with Independent Restaurants

Celebrity chef and restaurant consultant Brian Duffy (Bar Rescue, Date Plate) talks about industry pain points, his experience opening a restaurant during the pandemic, and best practices for treating staff.

A Closer Look at Online Grocery Services

Brick Meets Click partner David Bishop reviews ship-to-home, pick-up, and delivery services, and highlights the best uses and challenges for each option.