Pet Food, Supplies Surge

Specialty desserts. Luxury Shampoo. Acupuncture treatments. These things aren’t just for humans anymore!

The Food Institute’s latest investigative video focuses on the pet industry and its meteoric rise in the U.S. economy. For the first time ever, annual sales of pet products – everything from food to supplies to medicine – have now reached more than $100 billion dollars. How did the market get there? Is there room for more innovation? And how long will this trend last?

The video features insights from experts at the American Pet Product Association, as well as pet food companies A Pup Above and Evermore Pet Food, and even veterinarian and certified pet acupuncturist Dr. Jeffrey Levy. This investigative report is paws-it ively sure to inspire creativity for further opportunities in the pet segment

To view the video, which was produced by The Food Institute’s Director of Digital Media, Susan Choi, click below:

Produced By: Susan Choi
Recorded: May 2021
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