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Top Trends at Expo East 2023

What are the major trends shaping the natural and organic products industry today? The Food Institute checked in with industry analysts on the floor at Expo East 2023 to glean the top trends and takeaways …

3 Key Takeaways from IFT FIRST 2023

CHICAGO – Product developers and food scientists from over 70 countries learned about the latest in food ingredients and technologies recently at the IFT FIRST 2023: Annual Event and Conference. The Institute of Food Technologists …

Is Plant-Based Still a Powerhouse?

Plant-based products continue to proliferate across the industry despite significant barriers to adoption, including taste and affordability.

Experts: Huge Opportunities Exist in Tech-enabled Ag

As agriculture moves towards automation, what technologies and best practices will lead the way? In a recent FI webinar, Agritecture founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith and Tortuga AgTech CEO Eric Adamson outlined the current state of ag tech.

Regenerative Agriculture Movement Gains Traction

Cargill is supporting farmer-led efforts to adopt practices and systems foundational to regenerative agriculture practices across 10 million acres of North American farmland over the next 10 years. The initiative will focus on row crop …