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Restaurant Chains Dominate Top 10 Fastest-Growing Retail Brands

Yelp has released its first-ever list of the 50 fastest-growing brands in the U.S. Restaurant chains dominate the top ten, half of which are “challenger brands” – businesses that are not market leaders but aim to compete by disrupting their industries.

Poultry Power Meets Global Flavor

Chicken listings on restaurant menus have grown 6.4% in the past five years, outpacing the 4.7% of burgers and other beef-based items.

QSRs’ Chicken Sandwich Wars Reignited

Experts are predicting chicken sandwiches will dominate menus in 2023. According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, which polled over 500 industry experts, chicken sandwiches – both classic and new variations – …

Update: Nuggets Taking Center Stage Amid Chicken Wars

Eighty-four percent of consumers globally order chicken from a restaurant at least once a month, according to new research by Technomic. The latest chicken product in high demand appears to be nuggets. POPEYES DEBUTS NUGGETS …

Corporate Diversity Initiatives One Year After George Floyd

George Floyd’s death sparked nationwide protests and ultimately served as a catalyst for anti- discrimination efforts. Many companies also responded by releasing statements against racism. And some took action, setting quantifiable goals to increase diversity …