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Small But Powerful: Retailers Turning to Smaller Formats

When it comes to the food industry, Kohen said food and restaurant retailers can take advantage of smaller formats in neighborhoods and lifestyle centers, providing a dining experience to the shopping journey.

Carrefour Aims for Era of Profitability

Grocery giant Carrefour is shifting its focus from growth to profitability – and other companies may want to follow suit, according to industry executives.

3 Keys to Discount Grocers’ Recent Success

Mainstream grocers can learn priceless lessons from successful off-price brands like Aldi, according to one industry analyst. Chief among those lessons is the value of growing private-label offerings.

Placer.ai Exec: How Grocers Must Evolve in 2023

The grocery space has been upended over the past three years and leaders must face new challenges with patience, according to Placer.ai’s Retail Trends Forecast 2023 report.

‘Contextual Commerce’ Reimagines Need-based Shopping

Grocers seeking the full potential of their digital platforms may want to investigate contextual commerce, wherein they present products to customers based on their wants and needs rather than the contents of traditional store aisles.

Why Wegmans Was Forced to Abandon Scan-and-Go App

Wegmans, regrettably, has decided its scan-and-go app has got to go. Wegmans is among retailers realizing scan-and-go, which seemed like such a good idea at the beginning of the pandemic when contactless checkout solutions gained …

Gamification Can Make Loyalty Programs Stand Out

Loyalty programs are becoming more important than ever as rising inflation causes shoppers to seek the best deals possible, but too many offer the same, uninspired benefits — leading to 50% of consumers believing that …

What Are the Top Online Grocery Pain Points?

It’s been over two years since the start of the pandemic, a span in which many consumers began ordering groceries online for the first time. Though significant improvements have been made along the way, there …

FI Fast Break audio news: April 13, 2022

This week, in The Food Institute’s quick-hitting, audio news podcast, we examine the expansion plans of both Beyond Meat and ADM. The Food Institute Podcast · FI Fast Break News – April 13, 2022 The …

FI Fast Break audio news: April 6, 2022

This week, in The Food Institute’s quick-hitting, audio news podcast, we examine the keys to winning over inflation-weary shoppers and more. The Food Institute Podcast · FI Fast Break News – April 6, 2022 The …

Feds Look to Address U.S. Supply Chain Woes

The Federal Reserve reported that supply chain disruptions and labor shortages plagued many parts of the country in November, leading to rising prices across most of the nation, reported The Associated Press (Dec. 1). With …


Walmart, Kroger and Other Retailers Continue to Innovate

Walmart is tapping automation to help its store fleet handle last-mile grocery delivery, adding local fulfillment centers (LFCs) that will turn parts of them into mini warehouses and speed up fulfillment for local customers. The …

Americans Plan to Spend Less During the Holidays

Almost 40% of Americans plan to spend less on gifts this holiday season, according to a CNBC economic survey. The average U.S. citizen plans to spend $886, down 10% from a year ago, as the …

How Grocers Can Avoid Supply Shortages During Seasonal Spikes

This year’s Super Bowl showcasing the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers drew nearly 100 million viewers. Analysis of this year’s event found some interesting buyer behaviors for grocers and suppliers to consider. …