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Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices

Consumer demand for shell eggs should remain strong in the near-term despite year-over-year price increases, due in part to the value proposition eggs provide for consumers searching for protein options, according to industry analysts. Eggs …

Zeroing In on Rising Egg Prices

It’s clear that egg prices rose in the first month of 2022, but determining a definitive cause is a bit more elusive. The price of a dozen large white eggs rose to a national average of $2.08 on Feb. 9, representing a 22.5% increase month-over-month.

The Big 9 Food Allergens

The U.S. has made progress in food safety issues by adding sesame to its former “Big 8” list of food allergens and, most notably, by broadening and supporting allergen prevention, treatment, and cures, food industry …