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Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices

Consumer demand for shell eggs should remain strong in the near-term despite year-over-year price increases, due in part to the value proposition eggs provide for consumers searching for protein options, according to industry analysts. Eggs …

Analyst: Expect Higher Egg Prices Through 2022

(Editor’s Note 6/15/2022: For updated coverage on the shell egg market, please read “Analysts: Expect Continued Demand for Eggs Despite High Prices“) Egg buyers may have found some relief in March as prices moderated, but …

Zeroing In on Rising Egg Prices

It’s clear that egg prices rose in the first month of 2022, but determining a definitive cause is a bit more elusive. The price of a dozen large white eggs rose to a national average of $2.08 on Feb. 9, representing a 22.5% increase month-over-month.