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Mountain Mike’s Pizza Plans to Reach the Upper Crust

The newly minted CEO isn’t oblivious to Mountain Mike’s challenges in its crowded sector. For example, Metevier knows he needs to be sensitive to labor costs now that his California-based chain must deal with that state’s recent implementation of a $20 minimum wage (85% of the chains locations are based within the Golden State.)

Get Real! How to Achieve Authenticity & ‘Rizz’ in FoodBev

And that’s OK. In many ways, being authentic isn’t about the best product or service or value or lifestyle; it’s about being human, which is being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the heartbeat of authenticity, the subtle brand drumbeat that brand advocates and consumers can hear. Without a heartbeat – without being occasionally vulnerable – it will be hard to resonate and grow the brand in a way that feels organic, fresh, and authentic.

American Restaurant Chains Thriving in India

While 40% of India’s residents are vegetarian, there’s still a large addressable market open to omnivore cuisine. Plus, much of the country is infatuated with western culture – a fact QSRs are taking note of.

Why Restaurant Chain CEOs are Jumping Ship

While leadership changes are nothing new for restaurant chains, CEOs have been resigning in spades over the past two months, including departures from prominent brands like Starbucks, Dominos, Denny’s, Red Lobster, and Wingstop. What’s behind …

How Will Fast-Food Value Deals Look Different This Year?

Fast-food value deals are back, but they’re not quite the same as before. Over the past several weeks, brands such as McDonald’s have returned to value messaging for the first time in several years, noted …

What’s In-Store for Walmart? New QSR Partners

Breaking up is hard to do, but Walmart and McDonald’s seem to have made the split on decent terms. McDonald’s recently announced plans to shutter hundreds of its locations positioned within Walmart stores. After the …

A Look at Pizza Chains’ Big Post-Pandemic Plans

Pizza has been in high demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as indoor dining resumes and competition between food pick-up and delivery services heats up, how will major pizza chains maintain sales momentum?   Major …

Restaurants Focus on Employees as More Closures Loom

The coronavirus pandemic has caused 8,400 retailers and 110,000 restaurants to close across the U.S. this year, according to industry statistics, reported The Economic Times (Dec. 14). And even more closures could be on the …