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For Gen Z, Variety Packs Rule Retail

Some of the takeaways from the Circana report indicate that inflation has generally gone pretty easy on the beverage category, prompting marketing teams to “promote their relative price stability and find ways to demonstrate value, recognizing that ‘value’ doesn’t always mean lower price,” and that premium categories continue to outperform more value-based brand propositions. 

Innovations in Fresh Branded Produce

Branded produce companies are dressing up their fruits and veggies to woo online shoppers, tout attributes, and leverage storytelling.

Fast-Food Chains’ ‘Wrap Battle’ Has Commenced

A wrap battle is booming in the QSR arena. By remixing preexisting ingredients with build-your-own appeal, major players are producing flavor-drenched “hunger hacks” and fresh affordable snacks that span dayparts.

FI Spotlight: Dining Dynamics in 2024

Join us as we discuss the dynamics of dining in 2024 with David Portalatin, Senior Vice President and Food Industry Advisor at Circana. In this episode, we delve into: Eating Behavior & Economics Home Cooking ...

Plant-Based Meat: What’s in Store for 2024?

Plant-based meat continues to recalibrate at retail. In this Q&A, Chris DuBois, EVP and Protein Practice Leader at Circana, spoke with FI to outline major category challenges and priorities in the months ahead.

Plant-Based Trends to Watch in 2024

What key topics will drive plant-based evolution in the year ahead? The Food Institute spoke with several industry analysts and thought leaders to outline major trends to watch in 2024 — and beyond.

What’s Ahead in 2024?

Food price inflation, geopolitical instability, the emergence of artificial intelligence, weather events, and more all impacted the food industry in 2023, but what’s ahead in 2024? This webinar delved into the latest retail transactional data, ...

What’s Winning in Frozen Food?

After years of economic upheaval, frozen food remains a beacon of convenience, innovation, and at times, affordability. Which categories and brands are in high demand as the new year approaches?

Three Consumer Mindsets Driving Fresh Grocery Sales

Despite easing inflation concerns, consumers are still preparing 85% of meals at home, which presents significant sales opportunities. In a recent webinar, Circana and FMI unpacked the three major mindsets driving today’s fresh grocery shoppers.

Candy & Confections Are Killin’ It in 2023

What if candy were associated more with a lifestyle and not with high-sugar, indulgence-driven snacking? That’s how the Swedes do it. In the 1970s, a Swedish dentist created a campaign suggesting children only eat candy …

State of the Industry: Snack & Bakery

The American Bakers Association (ABA) and SNAC International recently hosted a webinar describing the current state of the snack and bakery industry. Presented in partnership with Circana (formerly IRI), the webinar featured a slew of …

What’s Up with Watermelon? Prices, for Starters

While food inflation seems to be cooling in the aggregate, watermelon prices remain red hot. That’s according to Mintec, a market intelligence company, which recently reported prices had surged 49% in mid-July when compared to …

Locally Sourced Produce Can Boost Summer Sales

Summer offers the perfect opportunity for grocers to offer locally grown produce to differentiate themselves from the competition. Shoppers are looking for fresh foods for all occasions, from morning meals to barbecues, and positioning the …

Beyond the Pump: A C-Store Deep Dive

Convenience stores often get a bad rap for lackluster foodservice options, but the category has expanded to include better foodservice options in the past few years.


How to Win in the 2023 Snacking Universe

“Snacking is still a lifestyle in the U.S., fueled by the younger generation,” Wyatt began. “We’re in an unprecedented situation as price hikes in this category are outpacing other food/bev categories.”

Free-Range Eggs to Return Soon

Free-range eggs returned to store shelves in the U.K., a sign that the bird flu outbreak has abated enough for the government to reduce the risk level to medium.