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The Jersey Mike’s Way

How did a small sub shop from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, grow into a 2,400-store operation across 50 states?

What Are the Growth Prospects for Fermented Foods?

Though kimchi and sauerkraut may be top of mind when thinking about fermentation, the opportunities actually stretch far wider. In fact, the fermented food and drinks market is expected to grow by $533 million through 2026 at …

The Frontier of Fermented Foods

The opportunities in fermented food stretch beyond kimchi and sauerkraut, and no one has a better vantage point on this than David Zilber, who heads up fermented food research and development at Chr. Hansen.

Probiotics: Consumer Perceptions and Opportunities

More than ever, consumers are prioritizing health and finding ways to make positive changes to their lifestyle. To address wellness needs in this health-focused consumer landscape, food processors turn to functional ingredients like probiotics to ...