Exploring Bio-Protection for the Dairy Industry

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While many dairy products require bacteria for production, not all cultures are made the same. Chr. Hansen microbiologist Shannon Neuens joined The Food Institute Podcast to explain his views on bio-protection – the use of microflora to extend a product’s shelf life – and also discusses how the company’s line of cultures can be used to bolster nutrition and improve taste.

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More About Shannon Neuens:
Shannon Neuens has 28 years’ experience working in dairy ingredient supply with a focus on bacterial cultures for fermented dairy. As a microbiologist and M.B.A., Shannon has spanned roles at Danisco/DuPont and Chr. Hansen in Quality Control, R&D, Product Management, Sales, Sales Management, Commercial Development and Applications. This unique skill set equates to value for dairy manufacturers implementing food culture with bioprotective effects in fermented dairy products.

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Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. In our effort to grow a better world, we develop and produce cultures, enzymes and probiotics for a rich variety of foods, beverages, dietary supplements and animal feed. Learn more at https://www.chr-hansen.com/en/.