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Cereal Manufacturers Desperate to Boost Sales

Americans are turning away from breakfast cereal, and that’s got cereal manufacturers seeking fresh innovation to bring consumers back to their bowls and the breakfast table.

What’s Old is New Again: Harvesting Ancient Grains in F&B

“Consumers can expect to see ancient grains used as an alternative base for many products, ranging from cereal, to bread, to pancake batter. Expect to see them regularly on the menu in restaurants, especially in dishes with other healthy items such as salmon, vegetables, or tofu.”

Top 4 Cereal Trends Redefining the Category

The cereal aisle isn’t what it used to be. Instead, brands are innovating, collaborating, and developing healthier options to reimagine what cereal means to the modern consumer, for breakfast and beyond. These are the top …

How Much Are People Willing to Pay for Cereal? 

A new report sheds light on just how much consumers are willing to pay for their favorite cereals in the current inflationary environment. Veylinx, a consumer insights platform that uses behavioral research to predict purchasing …

Kellogg Workers Go on Strike Over Pay, Benefit Conflicts

Around 1,400 Kellogg workers went on strike at the company’s U.S. cereal plants on Tuesday, bringing work to a halt. The strike includes plants in Omaha, Nebraska; Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee, …