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Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Increasing Sharply Among Women

“Was it the six-pack of wine called ‘Mommy’s Little Helper?’ Or ‘Mommy’s Time Out’ wine? Was it the funny phrase, ‘The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink?’ The clothes and other goodies branded with, ‘Who is moderation?’ or ‘This is how you adult?’ Our society thinks it’s funny when women drink heavily,” Pengov said.

Alcohol and No/Low Trends in 2024

Dozens of brands are experimenting in the nonalcoholic (NA) and low-alcohol space, offering consumers the opportunity to not so much choose sides but merely choose wisely according to their preferences, dietary needs, and personal goals. 

The Champagne Party Is Over. Or Is It?

According to media reports, the “party” may be over in champagne. After two years of record sales, France’s Comite Champagne announced in late July that 2023 champagne sales will be down to about 314 million …

Analysis: Assessing Modelo Especial’s Ascent in America

For the first time, Mexican beer Modelo Especial recently became the top-selling beer in North America, surpassing Bud Light, which had been the number one beer for two decades. Modelo’s ascent in North America begs …

Alcohol To-Go Isn’t Going Away

Alcohol to-go has become a permanent fixture around the United States, presenting a massive growth opportunity for businesses.

Study: Most Americans Are Interested in Sober Bars

It appears many Americans are rather intrigued by the “sober curious” movement. A new study reveals that 51% of Americans wish they had access to a sober bar as an alternative to traditional watering holes …

Economy Inspiring Big Changes Among Wine Brands

Recent financially driven decisions by major wine producer E&J Gallo underscore key changes impacting its industry. In the changing U.S. wine industry, it appears “less” may be “more.”

Report: Alcohol Increasingly Part of Super Bowl Parties

It appears overall alcohol consumption will be up at Super Bowl parties this year. Research by retail insights company 84.51°, however, shows an eye-opening drop in planned alcohol consumption among younger adults this year.

Experts Predict Asian Food Boom in 2023

To hear experts tell it, an Asian food boom has begun in America. During Tuesday’s Food Institute webinar – “What’s Ahead in 2023?” –Solomon Choi, CEO of Jabba Brands, noted that internationally-inspired hard seltzers and …

Kerry Unveils Flavor Trends to Watch for 2023

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. Each year, Kerry evaluates trending flavors and tastes across five key categories: sweet, salty snack, savory, hot and dairy-based beverages, and cold and water-based beverages. Within each category, …


FI Fast Break audio news: July 20, 2022

This week, in The Food Institute’s quick-hitting, audio news podcast, we update worsening drought conditions in the U.S. and Europe. The Food Institute Podcast · FI Fast Break News – July 20, 2022 The FI …

Canned Cocktails Seen Growing on Convenience, Health Halo

Coca-Cola is teaming up with Jack Daniel’s distiller Brown-Forman to make a Jack-and-Coke cocktail in a can. The mashup is the latest development in the rapidly growing canned cocktail segment. In fact, the ready-to-drink cocktail …

A Closer Look at Alcoholic Beverage Trends

Steve Ramirez is a Vice President and Relationship Manager with City National Bank’s food and beverage group. Based in Los Angeles, he provides cash flow, asset-based lending, real estate and equipment financing expertise to family …

A Clear-Headed Look at the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement

The term “sober curious” has become part of the national lexicon in recent months. What is it, exactly? “Sober curious” is a social wellness movement that involves self-selecting out of alcohol consumption at times, without …

FI Small Bites: Top Drink Trends of 2022

With a new year comes new insights into consumers’ habits, and that’s especially true for the beverage industry. Check out the Food Institute’s latest Small Bites video, where we go over the top anticipated drink …