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QSRs’ Chicken Sandwich Wars Reignited

Experts are predicting chicken sandwiches will dominate menus in 2023. According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, which polled over 500 industry experts, chicken sandwiches – both classic and new variations – …

Harvard Study: Enzyme Can Turn Sugar to Fiber

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, in a study funded by the Kraft-Heinz Co., found sugar exposed to encapsulated plant enzymes in the gut can be turned into fiber.

Smart-Voice Technology: Coming Soon, to a Drive-Thru Near You

In a world of fast-changing consumer demands, the classic fast-food drive-thru window is evolving. From doubling lanes to fully digital menu boards, restaurants have made all kinds of improvements to the drive-thru service. With technology … Exec: How Grocers Must Evolve in 2023

The grocery space has been upended over the past three years and leaders must face new challenges with patience, according to’s Retail Trends Forecast 2023 report.

Plant-Based Trends to Watch in 2023

What will 2023 hold for plant-based? The Food Institute spoke with several industry analysts to explore what’s in store for the year ahead.

How Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Have Defied Market Downturn

For Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, 2022 seems like it should have been a difficult year. As we discussed just a couple months ago, the challenges facing the food and beverage industry are numerous. Inflation continues to …

Experts Predict Asian Food Boom in 2023

To hear experts tell it, an Asian food boom has begun in America. During Tuesday’s Food Institute webinar – “What’s Ahead in 2023?” –Solomon Choi, CEO of Jabba Brands, noted that internationally-inspired hard seltzers and …

Outlook Sizzling for Plant-Based Deli Meats

Lunch meats were a star player at retail throughout the pandemic and that trend is retaining its momentum. But can this boon boost demand for plant-based deli cuts?

CEO: Supply Chain Transparency Key in 2023

After countless supply chain disruptions, and with a potential recession on the horizon, 2023 is set to be a transformative year for the grocery store segment. With that in mind, here are a few key …

2021 Food Labeling Summit

2023 Flavor Forecast: Expect Influx of French Cuisine

When it comes to classical cooking and decadent flavors, look no further than France. With centuries of tradition and innovation, excellent French cuisine is some of the most celebrated and sought after. Flavor giant McCormick …

The Zero-e Pineapple Has Arrived

Produce is a low-margin, high-risk industry. Hans Sauter would know – he’s been in the produce game for over 35 years. He’s not only Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Fresh Del Monte, …

Storms Ease California Drought, for the Moment

California officials fear the recent spate of storms that eased the area’s severe drought conditions may, actually, simply be a prelude to drier weather, the Los Angeles Times reported. David Rizzardo, hydrology section manager for …

‘Tipflation’ Leaving Consumers Confounded

To tip or not to tip? Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer, but let’s be honest, society judges bad tippers. However, in this economy, shelling out extra cash, however well-warranted, is becoming more and more …

Grocery Sticker Shock Has Changed Buyer Habits

Consumers who want to save money on groceries are turning to coupons, loyalty programs, and rewards while cutting back on snacks, a survey by Seattle retail technology platform Swiftly indicates. The online True Cost of …

Does the Restaurant CPG Trend Have Staying Power?

Despite higher grocery inflation, consumers continue to splurge on their favorite restaurant brands at retail, fueling a trend that has gained significant momentum in recent years. “Restaurants are looking to exploit brand loyalty that really …

Consumers Largely Positive Heading into 2023

Consumer spending habits and behaviors are shifting, with frugality taking a front seat in the face of rising prices and uncertainty over the economy, a new survey of consumer trends by Attest indicates. “Frugality is …

CEO: Food Allergy Issue Now an ‘Epidemic’ in America

Approximately 110 million Americans are directly or indirectly impacted by either a severe food allergy or food sensitivity in their household, prompting some in the food industry to call for increased transparency on labeling.