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Has Tofu Gone Mainstream?

Tofu is enjoying a new era of popularity thanks to its adaptability and nutritional clout. But despite its position as a plant-based powerhouse, this longtime vegan staple has its own share of hurdles to overcome.

Consumer Buzz: 5 Health & Wellness Ingredients to Watch

Across the food and beverage industry, health and wellness innovations are a prime target. What up-and-coming inclusions are consumers buzzing about? Here are five ingredients topping the charts on Brightfield Group’s Social Listening Dashboard. 5. …

Rash of Restaurant Bankruptcies Festers

Fast-food businesses that focus on creating a positive workplace culture, improving the overall employee experience, and nurturing strong employer-employee relationships are better positioned to attract and retain top talent.

The Rich History of National Butter Day

U.S. milk and butterfat production experienced parallel growth at 24% from 1995 to 2010. Since then, however, production has exploded, particularly for butterfat, pushing 27% growth.

US vs. UK Inflation: Why Progress Differs

Inflation in Great Britain cooled significantly last month but still remains hot compared to other major western economies including the United States. Inflation in Britain cooled to 4.6% last month, compared to 3.2% in the …

Mimicking Meat Not Winning Strategy for Fast-Food

Plant-based fast-food restaurants that try to mimic the McDonalds’ and Burger Kings of the world may be missing the point that true vegetarians and vegans have little interest in meat-like offerings.

Consumer Pulse: Shining a Light on Gen X

Over the next two decades there will be a major transfer of wealth—collectively, around $84 trillion—from baby boomers to younger generations including their Gen X children.

Walmart Commits to Reducing Food Waste

In an era of increased greenwashing and many companies abandoning once-ambitious ESG plans altogether, Walmart appears to be making real strides toward helping reduce food waste, solve food deserts, and burnishing its worldwide brand a little more.

Survey: Restaurants Face Labor Challenges Amid an Uncertain Economy

According to a new survey, many restaurant operators view changing macroeconomic conditions, labor challenges, and evolving guest demands among their top current pain points. Earlier this year, Toast polled 847 restaurant decision-makers for its annual …

5 Yucatán Dishes Surging in Popularity

Mexican food has gathered steam in America for years, evidenced by the fact that Taco Bell and Chipotle currently rank among the top 10 QSRs in the U.S. in terms of systemwide sales. Now, a …

Consumers Are Changing How They Grocery Shop… Again

It’s no secret that consumers are dealing with a lot right now—emergency SNAP benefits ended, student loan payments restarted, and food inflation has persisted—putting many grocery consumers in a bind and ultimately changing how they …

Thanksgiving 2023: Expect Expensive Meals

Food manufacturers have seen their profits fall in the past year, forcing them to pass along increases for raw materials, energy, transportation, and packaging.

Instant Noodles Gather Steam: 5 Popular Options

Demand for instant noodles jumped 2.6% globally to a record high of 121.2 billion servings last year, according to the World Instant Noodles Association, and 2023 marked the seventh consecutive year of instant noodle growth and consumption.


Kraft Heinz Aims at Convenience for Kids

Reports continue to show that consumers place a high premium on convenience, even in the face of inflation, and Kraft Heinz is betting that kids’ snacks are no exception. The multinational food company is expanding …

Mallwalking, Food Courts, and Retail Are Back

E-commerce has not only failed to kill the great American retail experience but is helping it thrive as sales associates and vendors large and small are using the omnichannel to attract customers, enhance sales, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Get Rite: Pharmacy Chain Rite Aid Fights to Regain Top Spot

Rite Aid, one of the largest pharmacy chains in America, is facing a major financial restructuring, with plans to close 154 stores. The 61-year-old pharmacy chain recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and named new …

Pizza Trends for 2024: Artisan, Crustless and Value Pies

Americans’ appetite for pizza has reached eye-opening proportions. Consider: A survey by Caulipower Pizza indicated 98% of Americans eat pizza. Meanwhile, a recent poll produced by revealed 74% of Americans would be satisfied eating …

DMA Awards Ceremony – Winner Announcement

DMA celebrated its 35th year “live” from Arlington, Texas last week. What started with nine founding members in 1988 has grown and evolved into today’s integrated national network supported by thirteen distributor members. This conference ...

Study: Eating Red Meat Increases Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Eating red meat just twice a week may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new Harvard University study. Meanwhile, data shows that a relatively small percentage of people eat a …

Sugar Alcohols Are Everywhere—What Are They?

Sugar alcohols, found in many processed foods, have long been an enigma for many consumers. Commonly listed under the “total carbohydrate” header on a nutrition facts label, sugar alcohols are actually neither sugar nor alcohol—despite …