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Functional Beverage Market Continues to Gain Momentum

These days, an increasing share of consumers are looking for drinks that not only taste good, but also serve a beneficial function. These functional beverages contain ingredients that, theoretically, can help build and maintain health, …

2023 Labor Outlook: Layoffs, Automation on Horizon

Inflation threw a wrench into pandemic recovery, and with interest rates rising and the threat of a recession looming, the 2023 labor market could look very different than it does today. Major tech companies have …

Divergent Consumer Groups Influence Holiday Spending

While worries over inflation and the economy take precedent for a leading percentage of consumers, a sizable number are approaching the holiday season with a desire to live sustainable lives or have rewarding experiences.

FDA Issues First Approval for Cell-Cultured Chicken

Cultivated meat producer Upside Foods received regulatory approval from the FDA, making it the first company to reach this milestone in the U.S. While not a green light for the industry at large, the decision opens the door to more approvals

How Energy Drink Stocks Are Defying the Market Slump

Energy drink stocks are performing more vigorously than you may imagine. If an investor had invested in the S&P 500 at the beginning of the year, even with dividends she’d have lost about 16% of …

Diesel Shortage Chokes Transportation from the Farm Gate

The well-documented diesel shortage in America is understandably causing concern across the country. But to what extent is the shortage cause for alarm for farmers and consumers alike? Opinions vary. From the pandemic, to the …

How Data Builds Brand Loyalty

The inflationary environment means grocers need to fight hard to retain their customers, and data is one of the most important marketing tools at their fingertips.

‘Restaurant Venture Capital’ Doesn’t Mean What it Used To

The meaning of “restaurant venture capital” is changing. While the term has historically referred to funding for brick-and-mortar restaurants, the restaurant venture capitalists of today have shifted their focus to investing in foodservice technology. Last …

6 Tips to Withstand a Recession

The Food Institute spoke with food industry executives to determine their strategies to withstand a coming recession.

Analysis: Could ‘Hybrid’ Meat be a Plant-Based Breakthrough?

As an expanding number of startups pursue the commercialization of cultivated meat, a select few are targeting the hybrid approach — blending small quantities of lab-grown cells into primarily plant-based products. While affordable, 100% cultivated …

Experts: Huge Opportunities Exist in Tech-enabled Ag

As agriculture moves towards automation, what technologies and best practices will lead the way? In a recent FI webinar, Agritecture founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith and Tortuga AgTech CEO Eric Adamson outlined the current state of ag tech.

When Grocery Goes Virtual: Foodservice in the Metaverse

The Metaverse, in many ways, is rather stupid. Its characters are blocky, Cocomelon fever dreams and its stock is crashing – in late October, shares dropped 24% to their lowest point since 2016 after parent ...
2021 Food Labeling Summit

‘Contextual Commerce’ Reimagines Need-based Shopping

Grocers seeking the full potential of their digital platforms may want to investigate contextual commerce, wherein they present products to customers based on their wants and needs rather than the contents of traditional store aisles.

Case Study: How Seth Goldman Built Just Ice Tea in 3 Months

When the Coca-Cola Co. announced it was discontinuing Honest Tea, co-founder Seth Goldman jumped into action. In a recent episode of The Food Institute Podcast, Goldman discussed his decision to launch Just Ice Tea and …

Demand for Plant-Based Mayo Spreading

Demand for plant-based condiments is spreading in the U.S., and The Kraft Heinz Not Company is zeroing in on plant-based mayo. In late October, Kraft Heinz and NotCo unveiled their first collaborative offerings — plant-based cheese …

Talking Turkey: Inflation Altering Thanksgiving Spending

The effects of the COVID pandemic, continuing labor shortages and higher transportation costs, as well as drought and outbreaks of avian influenza, will impact Thanksgiving spending, sending turkey prices up more than 70% compared with …

Kerry Unveils Flavor Trends to Watch for 2023

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. Each year, Kerry evaluates trending flavors and tastes across five key categories: sweet, salty snack, savory, hot and dairy-based beverages, and cold and water-based beverages. Within each category, …

AR Offers Worlds of Possibilities in Food Industry

My augmented reality (AR) journey with a pear began easily enough. Scan to Experience the Vortex of Augmented Reality, reads the QR code on the homepage of I’ve always wanted to enter a vortex, …

Companies Rethinking Warehouse Experience Amid Labor Shortage

Oversized windows, offering ideal natural light. … Fitness centers. … Outdoor work areas. Don’t look now, but many of the newest factories in America feature items that sound like descriptions on To retain employees, …

Supply Chain Success Depends Upon Collaboration

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For supply chain success, all stakeholders from manufacturers to operators must collaborate openly and effectively. That was the general theme of the “Supply Chain Talent All Star Panel” at the DMA Nashville …