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What’s Old is New Again: Harvesting Ancient Grains in F&B

“Consumers can expect to see ancient grains used as an alternative base for many products, ranging from cereal, to bread, to pancake batter. Expect to see them regularly on the menu in restaurants, especially in dishes with other healthy items such as salmon, vegetables, or tofu.”

Organic Growth Continues, Even Amidst Inflation

The quarterly percentage of American adults who say they purchase organic food regularly (or, “every chance I get,”) is up two percentage points since the first quarter of 2021, reaching 12%.

Is the Greenwashing Wave Crashing?

In the age of transparency, nearly half (45%) of shoppers have heard of greenwashing and one-third (33%) are skeptical of green labels and sustainability claims.

The Summer of Butter

Every dairy category has seen positive growth, from milk, natural cheese, and eggs to yogurt, cream cheese, dairy processed cheese, and whipped toppings, all helping power the #SummerOfButter.

Deep Dive: The State of Alternative Milk

Alternative milks remain the darling of plant-based growth. Record high dairy inflation and a deluge of new alternatives, however, are putting the brakes on product movement.

Gen Z, Veganism, and the Future

Gen Z says their veganism not a phase. In fact, 72% of Gen Z vegans plan to stay that way for at least the next five years, according to a new survey.

6 Flavor-forward Plant-based Dairy Trends

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. When it comes to plant-based dairy, consumers want an authentic dairy experience. Whether it’s plant-based cheese, yogurt, ice cream or vegan snacks, the expectation is that the alternative …

Inaugural Protein & Plant Evolution™ Conference Announced

Interactive & Educational Conference Designed to Meet the Needs of Retailers, Foodservice Operators, Food Manufacturers, Investors, Financial Services and Policy Makers, Scheduled for June 1-3 February 16, 2022/FI Newswire/ – The Food Institute and The Lempert …