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The Vanishing Vanilla Supply

A recent cyclone ravaged some of Madagascar’s key vanilla-growing regions, threatening a vanilla shortage during the 2024 vanilla harvest.

Peeling Apart the Complex History (and Future) of the Banana

A regular feature in shopping carts from coast to coast, the humble banana has long been a reliable source of nutrition, convenience, and affordability. Yet beneath its cheerful exterior lies a complex tale of botanical intrigue, economic uncertainty, and environmental peril.

H5N1 Avian Flu Hits Dairy Herds

The recent spread of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strain (H5N1) to dairy cows in the United States has raised concerns about the potential impact on the dairy and beef industries. While the U.S. …

America is Poised to Embrace Tofu

In today’s alternative protein space, the possibilities tofu offers are turning heads. More flavorful than most plant-based products, more rewarding than a perfect burger alternative, and much more affordable than a meat-based option, tofu checks a lot of boxes as a middle-of-the-road protein alternative that doesn’t necessarily have to market itself as a one-size-fits-all plant-based option.

Cereal Offender: Why is Chlormequat in our Oats?   

Informed consumers, concerned about the potential health risks associated with chlormequat, are increasingly turning toward organic oat products as a precautionary measure to minimize exposure to this and other chemicals of concern.

Record Texas Wildfire Could Impact Beef Prices

The Smokehouse Creek fire in the Texas panhandle already has set a record for size and now is threatening to create record agricultural losses that could send beef prices soaring. Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, surveyed …

Pork Oversupply Possible Threat to U.S. Economy

Eggs and bacon or sausage: The traditional American breakfast – or at least it used to be. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the pork industry currently is so efficient, it’s producing more meat …

Report: Global Seafood Production Could Rise 20% to 2050

Global seafood demand per capita is expected to grow through 2050 according to a new Seafood Forecast report from Norwegian risk management firm Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The firm expects annual seafood production to reach 160 million …

Key Takeaways from the Fruit Logistica Event

Thousands of people just recently descended upon Berlin, Germany for the world’s largest produce show – Fruit Logistica – upstaging even Fashion Week taking place that week as well.

Poultry Power Meets Global Flavor

Chicken listings on restaurant menus have grown 6.4% in the past five years, outpacing the 4.7% of burgers and other beef-based items.


What’s Old is New Again: Harvesting Ancient Grains in F&B

“Consumers can expect to see ancient grains used as an alternative base for many products, ranging from cereal, to bread, to pancake batter. Expect to see them regularly on the menu in restaurants, especially in dishes with other healthy items such as salmon, vegetables, or tofu.”

More Cheese, Please: 2024 Cheese Insights

People eat cheese for all sorts of reasons; this year, however, taste and health were the primary ones as 33% of consumers around the world considered it a necessary staple in their diets.

Will Beef Prices Stay Elevated into 2024?

Looking ahead, Zimmerman noted that prices would likely increase in the new year, but the magnitude of that increase would likely be more subtle in 2024.

Avocado Growing Destroying Mexican Forests

From avocado toast to tortilla chips and guacamole, Americans love avocados – and that love affair is destroying Mexico’s forests, draining water supplies from traditional crops and creating a new revenue stream for the drug …

Bird Flu Roars Back, Disrupting Turkey Farms

About 68 million birds have been killed since the outbreak began in the U.S. in February 2022. Cases are again beginning to tick up, with 2.8 million birds killed on Iowa farms in the past month and 1.3 million at an Ohio egg farm.

Organic Growth Continues, Even Amidst Inflation

The quarterly percentage of American adults who say they purchase organic food regularly (or, “every chance I get,”) is up two percentage points since the first quarter of 2021, reaching 12%.

The Rich History of National Butter Day

U.S. milk and butterfat production experienced parallel growth at 24% from 1995 to 2010. Since then, however, production has exploded, particularly for butterfat, pushing 27% growth.

Walmart Commits to Reducing Food Waste

In an era of increased greenwashing and many companies abandoning once-ambitious ESG plans altogether, Walmart appears to be making real strides toward helping reduce food waste, solve food deserts, and burnishing its worldwide brand a little more.

Expect Surging Beef Prices to Continue

It is an expensive time to be a carnivore with beef prices surging. Retail beef prices are sizzling despite an overall (and very much welcomed) downturn in the overall prices of food as the holidays …