Poll Shows Americans Have Become Adventurous Eaters

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A recent survey suggests there’s pent-up demand to eat out — and to try new flavors — as American consumers become more adventurous eaters.

Nearly half of the survey’s respondents (47%) said they’re tired of cooking the same foods at home. Findings also showed that the average American tries at least six new recipes per month, reported talker.news.

Market research firm OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that more than half of them (53%) consider themselves adventurous eaters. Some 58% of respondents reimagine food by adding different seasonings, while 52% indicated they often use different base ingredients. Meanwhile, Americans expressed an openness to trying international cuisine, with 42% saying they had tried Vietnamese food, while 36% of respondents indicated they had tried Indian food, for example.

“Global cuisine is very on-trend right now,” said Megan Wortman, executive director of the American Lamb Board (the organization which commissioned the study).

“The new generations are looking for bolder flavors and aren’t afraid to try new things,” Raji Sankar, co-founder of Choolaah Indian BBQ restaurants, recently told The Food Institute. “Americans have become huge fans of international cuisines like Asian, Italian, Mexican, and Vietnamese. … Part of it is how global our world is [now]; the Internet gives access to anything and everything.”

The COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for restaurants offering bold international cuisine, as many customers grew desperate for unique flavors not found in their pantry.

OnePoll’s findings showed the average American would travel nearly a half hour to eat their favorite food. Finally, the poll also revealed the top factors that inspire consumers to try a new cuisine, including:

  • Friend or family member recommendation – 47%
  • If it was conveniently located/nearby – 39%
  • When I am traveling to that location – 35%
  • My partner encouraged me to try it – 27%
  • Someone else cooks it for me – 24%

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