8 Truly Innovative Products at Expo West 2024

expo west

ANAHEIM, Calif. – There were protein products galore – from Protein2o, Vital Proteins, and Eggcellent Protein Puffs, to name just a few. Samples of bar products were also everywhere throughout Expo West 2024 (even the occasional Menopause Bar).

But the trade show, hosted in the Anaheim Convention Center, also unveiled numerous products that featured rare innovation. Here’s a look at eight pacesetting products from this year’s event:

MyForest Foods MyBacon

Earning the NEXTY Award in the Best Vegan Product category, this alt-meat item truly tasted like the real thing.

The plant-based bacon consists of just a handful of ingredients: mushroom mycelium, salt, sugar, coconut oil, along with natural smoke flavor. MyBacon is currently primarily available in the U.S. Northeast, but MyForest hopes to use a recent deal for the product to be sold at Whole Foods Stores as a springboard to larger success.

“It’s a game-changer,” said MyForest regional sales manager Jess Libes. “There’s really no other plant-based bacon on the market right now that’s like it. Doing these kinds of (trade) shows and doing in-store demos, you can literally see people’s faces be amazed that it’s not meat; it tastes so much like bacon. There’s an alternative that now exists that people can have for a healthier diet.”


This brand promises “Full Flavor, Less Salt,” as it seeks to reduce cardiovascular disease globally.

MicroSalt’s primary product features 50% less sodium than standard table salt, and promptly dissolves once it touches consumers’ taste buds, which the brand said delivers “a higher saltiness taste with 50% less sodium.”


Chia seeds are a “magic tool,” according to avafina organics’ CEO, Laura Cuñer DuBois. “They have seven hundred percent more omega-3 (fatty acids) than salmon and they have a lot of micronutrients.” DuBois is such a fan of chia seeds that she has helped oversee the launch of the world’s first plant-based caviar.

Chiaviar’s other main ingredient is seaweed. avafina organics is certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and cholesterol-free.

“In the U.S. we’re kind of launching softly,” DuBois told FI. “We’re hoping that this is our groundbreaking show.”

Pzaz Breath Spray Caffeine Energy

Caffeine comes in all forms in 2024. Exhibit A: Pzaz Breath Spray, which combines strong mint extracts with what the brand claims is a controlled kick of caffeine. Each bottle of the brand’s spray features 190 mg of total caffeine.

The spray includes active ingredients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and electrolytes, along with inactive ingredients like peppermint, citric acid, menthol, and potassium sorbate for freshness. The product also features zero calories and is sugar-free.

Sweet Haven Plant-Based Candy

Offering tangy, taffy-like candy that tastes similar to Starbursts, Sweet Haven’s ingredient list excludes gelatin. That’s a key element of the brand’s philosophy.

“It’s not like gelatin adds flavor. It just leads to the consistency that (consumers) want to eat candy,” said Daniel Perez, a sales rep working with Sweet Haven. “So, as far as removing that animal ingredient – gelatin – it’s not going to negatively affect the taste profile of the candy. So, you find an alternative, like coconut oil gum … and still have essentially the same product, (with) essentially the same flavor profile.”

Gimme Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Powered by one of the world’s most nutrient-dense items, Gimme’s seaweed snacks feature a crispy crunch with a salty umami flavoring.

The brand’s gluten-free snack chips, like it’s Gochujang-flavored Korean BBQ snacks, are roasted, light, and crispy. The brand is certified gluten-free and vegan.

VERB Caffeinated Energy Bar

Coming in flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, each VERB bar equals one serving of Espresso. The product is marketed as “the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up, powered by green tea energy.”

“We were tired of waiting in line for overpriced coffee and energy drinks that left us jittery and on the way to a big sugar crash,” the VERB officials noted on their website. So, they created a caffeinated, pocket-sized energy bar, taking years to perfect their recipes.

Kevin’s Natural Foods frozen entrees

Kevin’s Natural Foods is winning over consumers who seek entrees free from common allergens without sacrificing taste. The brand’s Thai-style Coconut Chicken, for example, features a centerpiece ingredient that’s raised without antibiotics, is paleo certified, and gluten-free certified.

“We want to make clean eating accessible to everybody,” said Aaron Beese, sales manager with the Modesto, Calif.-based brand. “We’re growing like crazy (and) we’ve done a lot of R&D to get this right.”