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Why the All-Night Diner is Dying

The all-night diner is all but dead in America, with Yelp revealing that the number of 24-hour eateries is down 18% since 2020.

The Early Bird Dinner Trend Is Sweeping the Nation

Consumers across the country are going out to dinner more often—and much earlier—than they were before the pandemic. Turns out, being an early bird isn’t all that special anymore. “Our data indicates that fine-dining customers …

Blaze Pizza Favorite QSR Among Gen Z

Blaze Pizza, in the opinion of college kids, is “lit.” And sandwiches from Five Guys and Jersey Mike’s, apparently, “just hit different.”

Food Businesses Step Up Sustainability Efforts

For Earth Day, The Food Institute takes a closer look at recent industry efforts to meet the growing sustainability expectations of consumers. RETAILERS Sam’s Club recently revealed new sustainability efforts for its Member’s Mark private-label …