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Cereal Manufacturers Desperate to Boost Sales

Americans are turning away from breakfast cereal, and that’s got cereal manufacturers seeking fresh innovation to bring consumers back to their bowls and the breakfast table.

How Post Holdings Claimed the Best Packaged Food Stock in the Market

Since its spin-off from Ralcorp, Post has spent over $10 billion on acquisitions. It has taken impairment changes relative to acquired assets of less than $300 million. Meanwhile, off a cereal business worth about $2 billion, Post and Bellring are now worth over $20 billion combined (including the respective companies’ debt).

Top 4 Cereal Trends Redefining the Category

The cereal aisle isn’t what it used to be. Instead, brands are innovating, collaborating, and developing healthier options to reimagine what cereal means to the modern consumer, for breakfast and beyond. These are the top …