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Survey: Consumers Already Bracing for Recession

Though experts still are split on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve’s inflation-fighting moves will plunge the economy into a recession, consumers apparently aren’t waiting for the official figures, already trimming their grocery bills and choice …

Plant-Based Trends to Watch in 2023

What will 2023 hold for plant-based? The Food Institute spoke with several industry analysts to explore what’s in store for the year ahead.

What’s Ahead in 2023?

From surging inflation to extreme weather patterns to a more eco-conscious consumer, food and beverage businesses had to adapt and overcome in 2022, but what does the new year hold? Watch the replay of this ...

Outlook Sizzling for Plant-Based Deli Meats

Lunch meats were a star player at retail throughout the pandemic and that trend is retaining its momentum. But can this boon boost demand for plant-based deli cuts?

Is Plant-Based Still a Powerhouse?

Plant-based products continue to proliferate across the industry despite significant barriers to adoption, including taste and affordability.

Analysis: Could ‘Hybrid’ Meat be a Plant-Based Breakthrough?

As an expanding number of startups pursue the commercialization of cultivated meat, a select few are targeting the hybrid approach — blending small quantities of lab-grown cells into primarily plant-based products. While affordable, 100% cultivated …

Demand for Plant-Based Mayo Spreading

Demand for plant-based condiments is spreading in the U.S., and The Kraft Heinz Not Company is zeroing in on plant-based mayo. In late October, Kraft Heinz and NotCo unveiled their first collaborative offerings — plant-based cheese …

FI Live Replay: Turning the Tide with Plant-Based Seafood

In 2020, Americans consumed almost $5 billion worth of seafood, and shrimp was one of the top-performing categories at $435 million. Enter New Wave Foods, a company producing plant-based shrimp and attempting to disrupt the …

Millennials, Gen Z Key to Plant-Based Advancement

Despite industry-wide challenges, both dairy and meat plant-based alternatives are forecast to grow through 2024, driven almost entirely by Millennials and Gen Zers. According to a recent report by The NPD Group, these plant-based consumers …

Trends Impacting the Dairy Industry

Jennifer Pricco Braasch is a managing director with City National Bank’s Food & Beverage Group. Based in Milwaukee, she supports industry executives with creative financing solutions and industry intelligence. The Food Institute recently asked her …

2021 Food Labeling Summit

Boost Food Safety While Reducing Waste

This article is written and sponsored by Kerry. Amanda McNeely, Kerry’s marketing expert for food protection and preservation, talks about Kerry ingredient solutions that boost food safety and reduce waste, and her views on the outlook …

Q&A: Top Trends at 2022 Plant-Based World Expo

Culinary creativity was booming at the Plant-Based World Expo on September 8 in New York City. In this Q&A, Ben Davis, VP of Content at Plant Based World unpacks expo trends and key developments across the plant-based industry.

The Food Institute Recaps: Plant Based World Expo 2022

The Food Institute recaps the Plant-Based World Expo North America 2022 on September 8. Featuring: the latest trends, new innovations, insight into buyer’s interests, and the increasing popularity of the plant-based industry. Produced By: Susan …

Study: Gen Z Flocking to Fast-Casual Restaurants

These days, members of Gen Z are flocking to quick-service restaurants. In the 12 months ending July 2022, Gen Z consumers made 5 billion total restaurant visits, and 4.3 billion of those visits were to …

Report: Trends to Watch Include DTC Plant-Based Brands

The $7.44 trillion U.S food industry is investing in ecommerce, robotics, and technology like never before. Here are three noteworthy trends for food producers and grocery retailers to prioritize in the year ahead.

FI Live Replay: How I Scaled My CPG

In 2018, Michael Pan rolled up his sleeves, cashed out his 401(k), and took on several loans to start Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. Just 2 years and one Shark Tank appearance later, the product finished 2020 …

Mycelium Deepening Roots in Plant-Based Space

While mushrooms remain all the rage as a whole food ingredient, their physical characteristics are less than ideal for replicating whole cuts of meat. Enter mycelium – the root system from which mushrooms grow.