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Tasting the Future: Food Fermentation Breakthroughs

From regulatory approvals in animal-free dairy, to a new snack made with air protein, fermentation is making major moves in the new year. What could the recent headlines signal for the future of food?

Milk Wars: Labeling Battles Escalate

Dairy producers are ramping up their efforts to scrub ‘milk’ from the labels of alternatives. How critical is the term in plant-based marketing? Could waging “milk wars” significantly improve traditional dairy’s bottom line?

Lead with Delicious: How Plant-Based Thrives

How will plant-based evolve in the year ahead? In this industry outlook, analysts weigh in on economic challenges, the financial landscape, and consumer adoption strategies for 2024.

Plant-Based Meat: What’s in Store for 2024?

Plant-based meat continues to recalibrate at retail. In this Q&A, Chris DuBois, EVP and Protein Practice Leader at Circana, spoke with FI to outline major category challenges and priorities in the months ahead.

Market Signals: Unpacking the Veggie Grill Acquisition

Plant-based chain Next Level Burger has acquired Veggie Grill from vegan investment fund VegInvest. The Food Institute spoke with industry analysts to unpack the potential ramifications of this transaction amidst ongoing financial challenges for plant-based and the restaurant industry at large.

Plant-Based Trends to Watch in 2024

What key topics will drive plant-based evolution in the year ahead? The Food Institute spoke with several industry analysts and thought leaders to outline major trends to watch in 2024 — and beyond.

Private Label Driving Alt-Dairy Innovation

The alt-dairy category experienced significant economic pressure in 2023, but private label performance was strong. Here are a few featured products from the November Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) show.

Who’s Buying Alt-Meat? Unpacking Consumer Motivations

When it comes to consumers, the alt-meat category has more than its fair share of challenges — and supporters. Who’s buying meat alternatives today and why? Here’s the latest stats from Brightfield Group’s quarterly shopper survey.

Case Study: Rebellyous Foods & Engineering the Future

What does it take to design a novel system for alternative protein production? Christie Lagally, CEO of alt-chicken company Rebellyous Foods, spoke with FI about poor alt-meat infrastructure and what her company is doing about it.

What Dishes are Winning at Plant-Based QSRs?

Plant-based restaurants are experiencing a shakeout as operators recalibrate their menus to address economic challenges. FI checked in with T.K. Pillan, CEO of Veggie Grill, to explore how the vegan QSR is streamlining its offerings to meet evolving consumer demands.

Has Tofu Gone Mainstream?

Tofu is enjoying a new era of popularity thanks to its adaptability and nutritional clout. But despite its position as a plant-based powerhouse, this longtime vegan staple has its own share of hurdles to overcome.

Millennials, Gen Z Key to Plant-Based Advancement

Despite industry-wide challenges, both dairy and meat plant-based alternatives are forecast to grow through 2024, driven almost entirely by Millennials and Gen Zers. According to a recent report by The NPD Group, these plant-based consumers …

Coffee Shops Embracing Plant-based Options

CHICAGO – Oat milk and other plant-based milks were in abundance at Coffee Fest Chicago recently. Today’s coffee shop consumers want plant-based options to address their concerns about health, animal welfare, and the environment. While …

Unpacking the World’s First Plant-Based ETF

In December 2021, the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate Exchange-traded Fund (NYSE ticker: EATV) made history as the world’s first plant-based ETF. VegTech Invest CEO Elysabeth Alfano recently joined The Food Institute Podcast to discuss …

Summer Fancy Food Show Highlights What’s Next in Plant-Based

Plant-based was a unifying theme at the Specialty Food Association’s 2022 Summer Fancy Food show last week, with companies showcasing unique innovations across multiple food and beverage categories. With that, the plant-based specialty retail market …

Sunny Side Definitely Up for Plant-Based Egg Market

In a quiet evolution from shelf stable baking substitutes to refrigerated scrambles and beyond, plant-based eggs are on the rise. Consumer awareness of plant-based egg products has been increasing, but it is still a small …

Expert: Nutrition Should Be Focus for Plant-Based

When it comes to perceived health benefits, plant-based alternatives are at a pivotal juncture. On a recent Food Institute Podcast, Kerry Nutrition Scientist Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, unpacked the challenges — and responsibilities — food …


Food and Beverage Manufacturers Going Green with Spirulina

In 1974, the United Nations hailed the blue-green microalgae spirulina as possibly the “best food for the future.” Nearly half a century later, food and beverage manufacturers appear to be catching on. The spirulina market …

Q&A: Plant-Based Menu Innovations Gen Z Students Love

Colleges and universities are on the frontline of plant-based foodservice innovation as they cater to the Gen Z students who will help shape the future of menus. For additional insights, The Food Institute spoke with …

Report: 40% of Consumers Buying Plant-Based Foods

Nearly half of consumers are buying plant-based products in 2022. A new report from Acosta found that 40 percent of consumers surveyed in March purchased plant-based protein and/or dairy alternatives within the last six months, …

Demand Growing for Clean Label Meat Alternatives

As a broader variety of plant-based protein alternatives enter the market, health-conscious flexitarians are turning a more critical eye towards ingredients and production methods. In 2021, consumer interest in clean label grew by 86% within …

Plant-Based Snacks Enjoying Steady Growth

As consumers continue to blur the line between snacks and meals, the plant-based category is playing an active role in the space between. Seventy-eight percent of global consumers say their definition of snacks has evolved …

Is Beyond Meat Beyond Repair?

Investors appear to have soured on Beyond Meat, sending its stock price from a $160.28 to as low as $35.74 in the last year, as competition in the alternative-meat sector has increased and the company’s …

Analysis: Is There Too Much Plant-Based Competition?

Seemingly any product you can think of has a plant-based alternative these days. When The Food Institute attended this years’ Natural Products Expo West, we found a plethora of plant-based brands with items like alt-chicken …

Can Plant-Based Innovation Boost Store Brand Sales?

On the heels of a stagnant sales year for store brands, Amazon and Kroger are bulking up their private label portfolios with plant-based products. Is category innovation on the horizon? The Food Institute Podcast · …

Is Plant-Based Meat at a Retail Crossroads?

Alternative meat sales continue to plateau at retail following strong performance in recent years. Has plant-based meat reached its peak, or is this just a lengthy chapter in the emerging category’s evolutionary process? According to …

CPG Companies Eye Plant-Based Market with Different Goals

More major CPG companies are playing in plant-based, flagging the alt-protein category as a potential catalyst for growth. But industrywide, the depth of that value is not easily measured in broad strokes. “When you factor …