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Consumers Are Changing How They Grocery Shop… Again

It’s no secret that consumers are dealing with a lot right now—emergency SNAP benefits ended, student loan payments restarted, and food inflation has persisted—putting many grocery consumers in a bind and ultimately changing how they …

Who is the Modern Grocery Consumer?

Consumers have been hammered by the one-two punch of the pandemic and inflation, which is impacting what they buy and where they get it.

CPG Industry: Key Themes and 2023 Outlook

What is the state of the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry? Watch as Nik Modi of RBC Capital Markets dissected the latest CPG trends in food and beverage and provided his outlook for 2023. Additionally, Modi ...

State of the Snack Food Industry & Outlook

The US snack foods industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With consumers snacking more frequently, leaning towards a plant-forward diet, and adopting a healthy indulgence mindset, snack food manufacturers have shifted their corporate ...

Experts Weigh In on Prospects for At-Home Dining

As pandemic concerns ease and consumer mobility returns, how will the dine-at-home category evolve against the backdrop of surging inflation? Last quarter, City National Bank Managing Director Eric Viergutz and RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Nik Modi joined The …

A Global Perspective on Inflation and Food Trends

John Church, co-head of HSBC Bank’s food and beverage unit, joins The Food Institute Podcast to discuss everything from wheat markets to foodservice drive-thrus to health and wellness.

Will Consumers Continue to Eat at Home?

City National Bank Managing Director Eric Viergutz and RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Nik Modi join The Food Institute Podcast to discuss changing dining preferences.

2022 Outlook of Plant-Based and Next Gen Protein

With plant-based products making deep inroads in 2021, many food industry insiders and investors expect plant-based foods to become an even larger part of our diet moving forward. With consumers increasingly focused on health and ...