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Why is Florida Trying to Ban Cultivated Meat?

The Florida House has approved a wide-ranging bill that would ban the sale and production of cultivated meat in the state. How will alt-meat innovations be impacted if it is signed into law?

Ascending Italian Cuisine: Restaurants Swim in Revenue with Pescaria Sandwiches

The Pescaria’s signature dish is a fish sandwich composed of one thick slice of partially hollowed-out round bread, two pestos/oils/mayonnaises, a cheese, a fish, some vegetables (raw and cooked), and a smaller slice of bread on top with a tortoiseshell pattern. The bread’s texture is crispy on the outside and pleasantly chewy on the inside.

FI Fast Break audio news: July 20, 2022

This week, in The Food Institute’s quick-hitting, audio news podcast, we update worsening drought conditions in the U.S. and Europe. The Food Institute Podcast · FI Fast Break News – July 20, 2022 The FI …

Italy to Require COVID-19 Pass for Workers

Italian workers in public and private sectors must display a health pass to access their workplaces starting October 15, a move prompted by the fact the Delta coronavirus variant continues to surge across much of …